Technology to digitize and visualize smell

Abstract/Technology Overview

Our society is now becoming increasingly automated where autonomous machines, artificial intelligence, and robots will perform complex tasks. For this vision to be realized, machines must have cognitive abilities including basic five sense of human, e.g., sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. However, most development of machine perception thus far has not included the sense of smell. Our team aims to develop machine olfaction technology which mimics the human’s sense of smell to give machines the power to smell. Electronic nose is a platform technology that can digitize the smell to be easier for devices, machines or robots to describe the smell and communicate with human. Integration of e-nose into internet of things, artificial intelligence and other infrastructure will help to solve various kinds of problems in healthcare, environment, agriculture, food, etc. The user base of our technology will be broad upon integration / application of the digitization of smell into products and process, for examples:

·         Smart shirt that can sniff the body odor to determine the health status of the wearer.

·          Artificial noses embedded in the robot chefs to prepare delicious foods in restaurants.

·         IoT smell monitoring to monitor air quality in smart factory, smart city and smart building.

·         Portable electronic nose to determine the flavor and quality of agri-food products.

·         Mobile e-nose to diagnose disease and health status from breath.

·         E-nose drone to investigate air quality for smart factories and smart cities.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The need of digital sense of smell spans throughout many industries. Integration of this technology into robots, autonomous machines, embedded systems and intelligent devices can help human to monitor, test and visualize the odors. Traditionally, human judges or assessors have been employed in various industries, i.e., environment, cosmetic, food and beverage, agriculture, robotic and automation, etc.  Human biases, lack of standardized and acceptable solution, costly training and employment, as well as the need for continuous real-time monitoring call for the machine olfaction technology.


We have provided technology, products and service to digitize the sense of smell.  With the help of this technology odor information can be communicated between machine-machine, machine-human and especially for human-human.  We have experience in the research and development of electronic nose technology for 16 years and have solved several industrial problems. Our technology is easy to use and can be applied to many problem platforms.

Potential Applications

The relevant markets of our technology can be divided into 3 main categories;

(1)          Smart City and Industry, i.e., to monitor air quality around factories, cities, toilets, restaurants and buildings.

(2)          Smart Farm and Food, i.e., quality assurance of the food quality, freshness of foods, shelf stability of products, etc. We also develop IoT Field Monitoring System for monitor crop field, plant factory and aquaculture.

(3)          Smart health, i.e., monitor health from the human body odor. We are doing R&D on wearable and breath analyzer.


Our technology / products / service can suit and benefit 3 types of users:

1. Business to Customer (B2C). Some of our products are ready to sell to end users such as portable e-nose, IoT environmental monitoring system, smart pillow and bed sheet for sleep monitoring.

2. Business to Business (B2B). We aim to have collaboration with corporate who have problems related to smell and flavor, want to control the quality of the products, want to develop new products, or increase the value of products.  In addition, we are open to collaborate in order to integrate our technology into their business line, for examples, refrigerator / air conditioners, robot chef and barista, healthcare robot, at-line monitoring in the food industry, etc.

3. Business to Government (B2G). We see the needs of government to be responsive to the environmental issues such as malodor emission from industry and maintaining air quality in smart city. We are open to work with them to be part of their ecosystem.

Technology Owner

Teerakiat Kerdcharoen


Electronic Nose Company Limited

Technology Category
  • Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Quality / Safety
  • IAQ Monitoring & Control
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9