Mask, Lock, Encryption - 3 Layers of Protections Keeping Data in Memory Card Extra Safe

Abstract/Technology Overview

Adoption of SD or microSD cards in emerging applications like CCTV, medical equipment and all sorts of IoT devices as the storage or boot-up disk, has been growing fast due to its small form-factor and cost effectiveness. While most of us are aware that the data security is crucial as the sensitive information can be quite destructive and costly to an organization when it falls into the wrong hands, but still the security measures for these devices are often neglected. This might be due to the lack of processing power on the host system to run sophisticated security software, or for power saving reasons, or simply to keep the cost low.

As an SSD solution provider, we have the opportunities and the advantages to build in security into our SD cards, to enhance the security level with 3 layers of protection (mask, lock, encryption), while keeping the implementation simple and with minimal cost impact for partners adopting our solution. 

Our solution can be used for secure boot, confidential data protection, licensed software protection and used as an alternative to Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips to enhance security in many different applications including IoT devices. So our customers include CCTV and IoT device makers, equipment makers for industrial, medical and automotives markets, and potentially for consumer markets in areas like digital cameras as we are now exploring the possibilities to work with camera makers like Canon and Nikon for new series of cameras with enhanced security features using our solution.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our memory cards could apply the Mask feature to keep it invisible from random users. It gives you the privilege to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential files with enhanced security strength in the following 3 layers:


  1. Invisible Data: it can "mask" your card, hide your crucial data and keep the card invisible from prying eyes. 
  2. Security Mechanism: it can "lock" your card, so as to allow access ONLY on the authorized computer together with the correct password. So, not only the password is required, it can only be used on the dedicated computers that have been setup correctly for this.
  3. Data Encryption: it encrypts data using data scrambling and hash algorithms in the firmware and hardware level on the fly, and obfuscation technique is used to protect against side-channel attacks. 


  • Capacity 4GB - 256GB 
  • SD Specs 3.0 
  • File System: FAT32  (for 4GB - 32GB) & exFAT (for 64GB and above)
  • Operating Temperature: -40C -85C 

Potential Applications

Our SD and microSD cards are appropriate and easy to use for anyone who needs to keep the data hidden and prohibit illegal access. It is good for applications for: 

  • Medical, Legal, Business and Financial: to store sensitive data. Only the authorized medical officers can access the sensitive data on the authorized computers.
  • Security Monitoring: As the CCTV is usually installed at the public area without much protection, it is possible that someone may steal the memory cards and gain access to the video recorded. When our solution is adopted, CCTV system will check the private key on our card every time it is powered up, then video will be recorded and encrypted on the fly. Even if the card is stolen, the bad guy will not gain access to the content at all. The same idea can also be applied to other devices, like for police video recorders where the contents recorded require higher security against unauthorized access. 
  • TPM Application: Our solution can be used as an alternative to the TPM chipset, that facilitates in the secured generation of the private keys for authentication. It can be used as a highly-secured authentication token or a boot device to ensure that only the right device with the correct person can access the system. It provides a security edge over the simple TPM boot software solutions and has more flexibility compared to the soldered TPM chip.

Customer Benefit

In general, our solution can provide our customer with enhanced security with easy implementation and at minimal cost impact.

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Bruce Lee



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  • Memory and Storage
  • Internet of Things & Wearable Technology
  • Security & Privacy
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  • TRL 9

X-MASK, FLEXXON, nand flash, data storage, data protection, memory card, SD card, microSD, confidential data, TPM, secure boot

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