Efficient Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability

Abstract/Technology Overview

Our technology provides a fast and secure way of data storage and retrieval for cloud storage. It is a data storage and retrieval system for cloud storage users enabling fast and secure updates of data.

There is a universal trend toward outsourcing storage on the cloud, bringing advantages such as cost-saving, global access to data, and reduced management overhead. However, the greatest disadvantage is that the data owner (client), by outsourcing her data to a cloud storage provider (server), loses direct control over her data.

A simple mechanism to provide an authenticated storage is to compute a digest of data and keep it locally after transferring the data to the server. However, the client will need to download the entire set of data and check it against the locally-stored digest.

It has also been pointed out in prior art that adding local storage to the client has no significant effect on the cost.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our technology enables authenticated storage and guranteed retreivability check without the need of downloading the entire set of data.

The present invention relates to a data storage and retrieval system. The system includes at least one client device; and at least one server. The server includes at least one memory module, a processor and a log store. The client data is divided into different blocks and stored in the server. Different logs are generated for each block and stored in the log store. The storage in the server are audited for ensuring their integrity. The present invention also relates to a method used to store and retrieve data from the above system. The present invention also relates to a method used to initialize empty buffers in a storage system.

Potential Applications

Our technology may be used in cloud storage systems.

In recent years, IT is moving data to cloud storage as enterprises move from traditional storage systems to cloud storage. According to a forecast by cloud market analysts Stratistics MRC, the global cloud storage market is undergoing a massive growth surge: from 2015 a total of US$18.9 billion to over US$112 billion by 2022.

Customer Benefit

  • Fast and secure update for the user
  • Authenticated storage and guranteed retrievability 
  • Generate an efficient dynamic proof of retrievability (POR) scheme, which is a compact proof by a file system to a client that a target file is intact, in the sense that the client can fully recover it.

Contact Person

Pelin Gundogdu


Koç University

Technology Category
  • Infocomm
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Processing
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 4

data storage, cloud systems, authenticity, dynamic proofs, retrievability