CSC (Cloud Signature Consortium)-based Global Cloud Digital Signature & CaaS (Cryptography As A Service)-based Cloud Encryption Service

Abstract/Technology Overview

We are providing Security As A Service (SecaaS) based on a proven solution that applies global standards of cloud cryptographic techniques and global PKI digital signature technical standards defined by Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). The company leads global cloud security service standards in the country as it is currently the only member of CSC in the country.

While the initial investment is on-premise installation, No-plugin is now an issue. Trends suggest that the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and CSC are facilitating the standards of cloud security in the global cloud market. Our technology applies global standards of cloud cryptographic techniques and global PKI digital signature technical standards defined by CSC. Functionalities include: Issuing clients' certificates, saving private keys, and offering a digital signature function for PDF, electronic documents anytime, anywhere.

The technology keeps encryption keys in a hardware security module (HSM) based cloud (considered the safest storage area) and protects documents from being read by users who are not authorised. The technology also offers data encryption and decryption through encryption keys after user authentication.

We offer a p2p digital document signature service based on global cloud document security standards. p2p transactions technology helps minimise enterprises' costs.

The service promotes the use of digital documents for domains such as public, finance, insurance, contract, etc.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our technology adheres to Cloud Signature Consortium(CSC) standards for cloud digital signature.
We save and issue clients’ certificate in private zone, facilitating cloud to digital sign. This allows us to offer digital signature service through a simpler authentication method that is based on FIDO authentication module certificated by FIDO Alliance.
Our Cryptography As A Service validates user authentication from FIDO. This could involve confidential documents encryption and decryption using decryption keys kept in Private Zone or Cloud for only authorised users. 
Our technology helps secure audits made in cloud environment using block-chain based on Ethereum.

Potential Applications

Our technology is a cloud-based Global Digital Signature & Cryptography As A Service. It is meant to help the enterprise minimise cost for introducing digital documents encryption and decryption functions, to enable p2p digital document signature service.

According to Gartner (World’s leading research and advisory company), SECaaS will be used much more than on-premise installation security products. Moving forward, outlook for parts of the solution such as ID management, Access Control, Email security, Web firewall are noted to be promising.

Customer Benefit

B2B, B2C
  • Cost effective encryption and decryption technology
  • No need to have encryption and decryption professional
  • Promoting introduction of various digital signature service for B2B
  • Offering secure encryption service with clients for Start-up
  • Operating many kinds of cloud-based digital contract
Customer to Customer
  • Activating contract service via C2C
  • Delivery encryption documents among individuals
  • Digital Signature Service for C2C
  • Promoting secure digital documents
  • Global Digital Contracts Service

Contact Person

Hyun Woo Noh



Technology Category
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security & Privacy
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7

Cloud Security, Authentication, FIDO, CaaS, Digital Signature, PKI, Cloud Signature Consortium, CSC, Cryptography As A Service, encryption