Urban Mobile Crowdsourcing

Abstract/Technology Overview

By effectively utilizing smartphones to reach out and engage a large population of mobile users, mobile crowdsourcing can become a game-changer for many urban operations, such as last-mile logistics and municipal monitoring. To overcome the uncertainties and risks associated with an opportunistic model of traditional crowdsourcing, we developed a centrally-coordinated task assignment/recommendation technology that matches workers to tasks that lie along their predicted movement paths. Our technologies have been embedded and demonstrated at campus-scale, via a real-world mobile crowd-tasking platform.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Trajectory Aware Proactive Task Recommendation: Using the historical traces of individual user movement, a predictive trajectory profile is developed. Based on the prediction, a set of tasks that are best suited to each individual’s predicted movement pattern are made available. 

Task Bundling and Variable Pricing: Uses the history of worker movement and task completion behaviour to create different types of task bundles and automatically adjust the reward prices for tasks, to ensure that tasks are completed more uniformly across the entire geographical area.

Dynamic Task Offloading: Allows community-supported crowdsourcing practices, by enabling workers to dynamically offload previously accepted tasks to willing buddies and share the resulting task completion rewards.

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable in the following areas:

Retail Sensing

  • Crowd-sourced queue and inventory monitoring
  • Store display compliance
  • Last-mile crowdsourced package delivery

Urban Operations and Monitoring

  • Municipal services monitoring
  • Fleet diagnostics
  • Bike path monitoring (usage patterns of trails, bumps/blocks on trails)
  • Smart campus monitoring in universities, offices, housing estates, etc

Technology Owner

Lydia Tan


Living Analytics Research Centre, Singapore Management University

Technology Category
  • Ambient Intelligence & Context-Aware Computing
  • Social Media, Collaboration & Crowdsourcing
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6

crowdsourcing, social media, Urban Operations and Monitoring, Retails, logistics