Speech Recognition Enabled Emergency Alert

Abstract/Technology Overview

A Korean company has developed technology applicable to an emergency platform, after carrying out research on crime rates. Sexually related crimes have increased to 60.3% since 2006, and there have been no effective solutions to prevent these crimes. The company therefore developed a voice recognition emergency platform. It activates when a person who is at risk shouts “Help Me” both in a noisy and quiet environments. The product senses the person’s voice in the case of emergency, and it sends the signals to police stations close to where it happened. It is designed to be ruggedized and not easily damaged by a physical attack. The solution could be installed inside the public restrooms and elevators as well.


Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The company's technology has the following advantages:

  • Applicable in an emergency system
  • Contribution to decrease in crime rate by crime prevention
  • Hands-free devices for signals transmitting only with voice
  • Crime prevention via environmental design
  • The technology could be applicable to a variety of deployments, such as in schools and vehicles for children

Potential Applications

The product could also be also used for emergency calls for disabled and elderly who live alone. Its principal technology is the same speech recognition sensors for public usage. Thus, the company wishes to form partnerships under a commercial agreement providing technical assistance, in order to contribute to crime prevention by decreasing the frequency of crime. The faster it is able to stop the dangerous situation, the safer users would be with the innovative devices, which may be applicable in various circumstances.


Customer Benefit

Under the license agreement, this technology could be licensed to licensees with products incorporating features that result in lowering of crime rate. Furthermore, a financial agreement would provide technical support.


Technology Owner

Seung Ho Lee



Technology Category
  • Security & Privacy
  • Speech/Audio Analysis
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 8