Stronger Authentication with FIDO Protocols

Abstract/Technology Overview

Our FIDO based biometric authentication covers 550+ million transactions every month and is still mounting. This shows that the market has acknowledged the excellence of our biometric authentication service, as it has been adopted in numerous domains (e.g. finance, online education, credit ratings, Fintech).

Our technology officially obtained FIDO 1.0 & FIDO2 certificates that follow standards FIDO Alliance defines:

  • Our technology supports FIDO solution based biometric authentication method including Fingerprint, Face, Voice, Iris, and it was formally adopted best practice with Google, VISA by FIDO Alliance Feb 2019

Thus, it combined FIDO2 & cloud, so providing no-plugin authentication service that even without a need of smartphone app. Our FIDO's available to use on every device without boundaries between web and app.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our technology offers solution and service that supports technology standards of FIDO 1.0 UAF and FIDO2 certified by FIDO Alliance.

In FIDO 1.0 UAF, it supports FIDO Authenticator, ASM, FIDO Client & FIDO Server, it supports FIDO2 Server & Authenticator based BLE that is available on the smartphone in FIDO2.

In FIDO Authenticator, it offers various authentication methods such as Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Pattern, Hand-Written Signature, Voice Recognition.

In FIDO, there are two methods we offer, on-premise and cloud service. The cloud service's adopted to KB bank, a major bank in Korea, had 550 M transactions in total so it's officially selected as the best practice on Official FIDO Alliance web site Jan 2019.

Potential Applications

FIDO authentication’s mainstream technology. This trend is building up, so to support secure and comfortable self-authentication service on Bank, Public, Insurance, Securities etc.

Furthermore, it will be applied quickly to a variety of e-commerce, education, IoT even Connected part. It is also expected that FIDO technology will be applicable to a wider range of applications as it is supported by mobile and the web.

Customer Benefit

  • Offering a simple and secure authentication service on the global level from FIDO Certified Solution
  • Available on Web & App
  • Cost effective to introduce, it works in 2 weeks
  • Using Global service infra certified transactions.
  • Operating FIDO Server in Global secure data centre that certified by ISMS, Web Trust Audit

Contact Person

Hyun Woo Noh



Technology Category
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security & Privacy
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

Authentication, FIDO, PKI, Biometric, Identity