Next-Generation Marketplace Technologies

Abstract/Technology Overview

The company offers enterprise solutions for building out the next generation of electronic marketplaces for traditional, new or emerging assets. We help companies, trading firms, brokers, exchanges and associations to digitalise their businesses and assets and unlock maximum value across the transaction chain of trading.

Through our proprietary suite of solutions, our modular solutions provide end-to-end coverage of the trading transaction chain:

  • Frontend Trading Interface (Web, Desktop, Mobile Deployment)
  • Middle and Back Office Systems (Customer Account Management, Risk and Margin Management, Security, Accounting, CRM)
  • Trading Engines (Central Limit Order Book, Over-The-Counter, Two-sided Market Making)
  • Ticker Plant (Database for low-latency normalisation, capture and distribution of market data)
  • Post-trade Clearing and Settlement (Blockchain-enabled solution for instant, trustless and immutable settlements)

Our interoperable and extensible solutions let our partners implement electronic marketplaces that keep up with evolving commercial needs.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our company offer tech solutions for the entire transaction chain, including price discovery, trade confirmation, and settlement solutions, as well as customisable backend ERP and CRM modules.

Deployment of Electronic Marketplaces: We assist businesses with the deployment of electronic marketplaces, whether in the form of central limit order book exchanges or over-the-counter price discovery venues.

Multi-Device Support: Our frontend solution is available as a downloadable desktop application for multiple OS, via a web browser, and as a mobile application to allow customers to access accounts and the markets on the go.

Ultra-High Performance: We have designed our products to be powerful, robust and responsive. Our systems have been built on the latest tech stack – React, Node and MongoDB for scalability and lightweight responsiveness.

Fully Customisable: Every trader trades differently, our interface is designed to be fully customisable to meet the exact requirements of every customer. Custom workspaces, resizable windows and multi-monitor support allow unparalleled versatility to support any trading workflow.

Cloud-Based Deployment: We believe that speed and flexibility are key factors. Our cloud-based model covers customisation, deployment and ongoing maintenance. Fast implementation and fully managed solutions help brokers and exchanges reduce the need for infrastructure and team buildout.

Operational Solutions: With our regulatory and legal experience, we can provide support relating to licensing, regulatory, and compliance requirements for the operation of electronic marketplaces, including operational expertise, tech deployment, customer onboarding, KYC/AML compliance, reporting and risk management requirements.

Potential Applications

Commodity Trading Firms: We empower commodities companies and trading firms with the latest tech solutions to digitise their businesses and unlock maximum value across the transaction chain of commodities. For commodity trading firms and companies, we offer tech solutions for the entire transaction chain including price discovery, trade confirmation, and settlement solutions, as well as customisable backend ERP and CRM modules.

FX and Equity Brokers: For FX and equity brokers, we offer an award-winning, next-generation frontend trading solution that is cost-effective, pragmatic, and customer-centric. Our RFQ module enables clients to automate existing voice- and chat-broking services, and electronically capture trade confirmations and records. Clients can now deploy rapidly a full-fledged electronic OTC market that sits separately and alongside their central limit order book or dealer-offered matching models.

Financial Exchanges: Our matching engine is a low-latency matching system enabling high throughput trade allocation. Based on an asset-agnostic architecture, it is built to be flexible and modern enough to meet the demands of modern digital marketplaces, while delivering the performance, stability and fault-tolerance of the largest electronic exchanges. Designed for cost-effective, maintenance-light deployments (either on-premise or on the cloud), our Matching Engine solution is designed to function as the core component of your electronic or financial marketplace.

Customer Benefit

Our interoperable and extensible solutions let our partners implement electronic marketplaces that keep up with their evolving commercial needs.

End-To-End Toolkit: With our solution, clients can focus on establishing commercial moats for new markets rather than building technical and compliance infrastructure.

Slash Time To Value: Our cloud deployment of enterprise solutions translate into cheaper and faster customer and business acquisition for our clients.

Breaking Down Silos: Tooling our clients' businesses with our solution facilitates horizontal integration of interoperability between business units. Finance and operation teams are able to work more efficiently and effectively with internal trading units using the same cloud system.

Operational Expense Vs Capital Expense: Our cost-effective modular pricing model reduces barriers to adoption and creates a scalable infrastructure to match our clients’ needs.

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Dickson Lau


Hydra X

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