Data Business Platform Optimized for Bank's Mobile Payment Service

Abstract/Technology Overview

We extend the utilization of the Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) standard-based QR code used for mobile payments, to collect and deliver almost all data generated during mobile payments, allowing banks to perform business through mobile payment services.

Our solution is a hardwareless & paperless mobile payment solution that provides a way to maximize profit through mobile payment service for both banks and merchants.

Our solutions are fully compliant with the EMV global standards and national standards developed on top of them, so even if banks adopt our solutions, they can re-use most of their existing infrastructure for mobile payment services.

The core technology of our solution is patented and filed in Korea, USA, China and India.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our service consists of two mobile apps: one is a Mobile POS application for merchants and the other is a mobile wallet for customers.
Mobile POS app

  • Real-time QR code created based on the customer's purchase order 
  • Merchant sales management: product price, discount and coupon application, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of information such as discount rate, coupon, membership, etc. related to the products sold at point of sale
  • Sales history management and tax settlement

Mobile wallet

  • Scanning the QR code and requesting payment approval
  • Expense / purchase history management

Data Business Platform

  • Collect, store and analyze activity data of customers using a mobile wallet
  • Sells data analysis results to merchants, bank customers, and companies as data service products
    • Sales / business analysis, sales product recommendation, product sales price analysis, etc.
    • Suggestion of product sales merchant, product purchase expectation / target customer recommendation
    • Market trend forecasting / analysis, target customer trend analysis


  • By using a free mobile POS app, a merchant can not only carry out mobile payment but also business management
  • Customers will be able to manage their spending history on their smartphones
  • Automatic calculation eliminates errors due to manual input
  • Provides various data services by payment service providers to both merchants and customers

Differentiation and innovation

  • Provides mobile payment solution (mobile POS app) for merchants
  • Provides purchase information to customers in real-time
  • Provides a new business / profit model for mobile payment service providers: "Data Service"

Potential Applications

Our hardwareless & paperless mobile payment solution provides a way to maximize profit through mobile payment service for both banks and merchants.

  1. Applications in bank's mobile payment services and data business
  2. Applications in mobile payment services in online / offline shops of retail company
  3. Used by logistics / delivery operators for mobile payment services at the last mile

Customer Benefit


Banks in most Asian countries are under pressure from their governments to expand digital payment infrastructure, including POS terminals.
Our solutions provide solutions that meet these governments' needs while minimizing investment costs and time.


Merchants also have the advantage of providing business management and banking services through a high-quality POS app without the investment cost of deployment and operation.


Customers can use the bank's mobile payment service with the same user experience (UX) / customer experience (CX) as other mobile payment services which they are already familiar with, and will be able to receive hyper-personalized services from banks and merchants.

Contact Person

Sung Won Lee



Technology Category
  • Financial Technology
  • Mobility
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6

QR Code, EMVco QR, Mobile Payment, Data Analysis, Moble POS, Mobile Wallet