Compact Water Purification System

Abstract/Technology Overview

This technology features a water purification system using photocatalytic and UV technology. During disasters and emergencies, it is critical to have immediate clean water production. There are existing water filtration systems such as cycle or stepper-driven ones, but they are bulky and involve waiting time.

The technology featured is capable of producing purified water up to 500 litres/hr from a system in the size of a suitcase. Additionally, it is electrically powered by a car battery with the option of using solar panels included. The technology also comes with a UV steriliser/Advanced Oxidation that gives added treatment against bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants. With mercury-free UVC tubes having instant activation properties coupled with the nano-structures within ceramic ultra-filtration membrane, this technology presents an energy-efficient and convenient system.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Technology Features

  • Ceramic ultra-filtration membrane and mercury-free UVC tubes to produce purified water up to 500 litres per hour
  • Compact form factor which weigh under 30kg
  • Operate on 12V DC battery (from car batteries) or solar panels
  • Automatic back-wash mechanism that self-cleans the filter at regular intervals
  • Utilise patented Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) photocatalyst technology to degrade chemical/organic micropollutants  
  • Mercury-free UVC tubes allows for ‘instant-start’ sterilization which reduce waiting time
  • UV steriliser/Advanced Oxidation that gives added treatment against bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants



  • Water purified meets WHO drinking water standards
  • Portable and easy to transport around especially to remote area and difficult terrain
  • Energy-efficient technology well-suited for use in disaster and rural areas

Potential Applications

The potential application areas are:

  • Potentially wide area of application in the consumer market for purified drinkable water
  • Purification and disinfection of water
  • Provide sustainable supply of life-giving water in remote, rural or hard-to reach areas where humanitarian aid is rendered. This is especially relevant in disaster areas.



Customer Benefit

The customer can benefit from:

  • Better health and a better environment by using sustainable technology to provide more people with access to clean water, clean air and clean food products
  • Saving energy and eliminate potential risks to health and the environment



Technology Owner

Bashir Ahmad


Liquinex Group Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Filter Membrane/Absorption Material
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9