Facial Recognition System

Abstract/Technology Overview

A facial recognition system aims to identify or verify a person from a digital image or a video frame.

Facial recognition technology typically used in security/surveillance applications. However, it can also be deployed in other areas, such as commercial, marketing, automotive and robotics.

It offers significant advantages over other biometric systems like those based on fingerprint or eye iris, especially when target subjects are uncooperative.

Typical challenges for the facial recognition systems include illumination/lighting variations, facial poses, facial angles, facial expressions, facial attributes, etc.



Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The company developed Facial Recognition system based on state-of-the-art Deep Learning technology.

The company achieved no. 1 positions in two Face Challenge competition events.

This shows the robustness of our facial recognition system under challenging environments.

The company launched Face Recognition Server Software, which can identify faces that are difficult to recognize with conventional technologies, including faces at an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, and those partially hidden by sunglasses.

Potential Applications

Facial recognition technology is no longer use in security/surveillance applications but also in areas such as commercial, marketing, automotive and robotics.

The ubiquitous environment and thanks to mass deployment in mobile devices, facial recognition can be used to unlock phones.

Other applications may include attendance monitoring systems and even payment systems.

Customer Benefit

Higher accuracy of facial recognition system leads to better security.

The company can customize into a low-complexity facial recognition system if required.

Technology Owner



Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

Technology Category
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Security & Privacy
  • Video/Image Analysis
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7

Face Recognition, computer vision, image analytics