Novel Drug Efficacy and Toxicity Evaluation Platform Based on 3D Cell Culture System

Abstract/Technology Overview

This technology is about an evaluation platform based on a 3D cell culture system. This system is applied in a way of in-vitro; however, it is more similar to in-vivo with high accuracy in drug sensitivity and experimentation compared with the 2D cell culture system. This system has been developed with the aim of replacing animal testing for developing treatments for metabolic syndrome, including obesity and diabetes.

Three kinds of experimental equipment have been developed with this technology such as:

  • Modeling and cultivating artificial fat which imitates fatty tissues with the risk of metabolic syndrome.
  • Glucose received High Throughput Screening Protocol with quantifying fat particles by using an artificial fat model has been developed for developing curing medicines for obesity and diabetes.
  • 3D cell culture system that facilitates drug efficacy and mechanism analysis have been developed.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology supports to overcome the limitations of existing 2D cell culture system based drug efficacy evaluation.

With commercialized artificial models and evaluation protocols for testing medicinal effect, developing the kit for medicinal effect is possible.

Cell-culture plates which are specialized for 3D co-culturing has been developed with strengths of analyzing medicinal effect, mechanisms and biomarkers in specific cells.  

Screening new medicine with high efficiency is possible, so there is a reduction of time and cost for the development of new drugs.

It has an advantage of being an alternative to animal testing due to changing regulations pertaining to the use of laboratory animals.  

Potential Applications

There are several applicaions for this technology such as:   

- In vitro 3D insulin resistance model

- Novel target and hit discovery/validation

- 3D-based drug efficacy evaluation system

- 3D cell-culture plate 

- Development of HTS system using 3D co-culture system

From the list above, developing HTS system with 3D co-culture system is the current result from this institute. 


Contact Person

Minji Ji


Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

Technology Category
  • Chemicals
  • Analysis
  • Biotech Research Reagents & Tools
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 8

3D, Cell Culture System, drug efficacy, toxidity evaluation, fat, obesity, diabetes, co-cultivation, cell, bio, evaluation platform