Smile Migraine Application: Mobile Migraine for Tracking and Analyzer

Abstract/Technology Overview

Migraine is a common and most disabling disease among the working-age group. One Billion around the world are suffering from migraines. Migraine is characterized by severe head pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sensitivity to light, sound, and movement. To treat migraine successfully, the patients must avoid life-style behaviours and trigger factors, such as food, hot weather, stress that may relate to migraines. The role of taking proper migraine medication, including acute and preventive medication is also essential. However, from previous research, we found that migraine is under-treated. This result occurs due to a lack of proper migraine self-evaluation and tracking the progression.

We have developed a tracking system on mobile migraine diary and analyzing system to monitor and report the recommendation of treatment choice for the migraine patient.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our platform, using input from migraine patients to record headache days, headache severity, medication use, behaviour, trigger factors. The system automatically collects the temperature data, humidity based on the location of users. The data are analyzed and report to migraine level, and the recommendation. Our algorithm has been generated based on the standard recommendation and was tested in Migraine Group, Chiang Mai University. 

Potential Applications

Our migraine tracking and analyzing platform can be easily used on the mobile application. The result of analyzed reported and migraine level provide the treatment recommendation both for migraine patients, and doctors. This monitoring level can provide the data that guide the patient with the option of treatment such as when to use preventive medication, monitor the progression and when to reduce the medication. The triggers and behaviour also feedback the patient when they have a high migraine level, and encourage them to modify their lifestyle.

Over a billion people around the world are suffering from migraines, and over 70% need help. Huge proportion and impact drive need a tool for migraine intervention. The main attraction of our system is the analyzer using an algorithm that has been clinically tested. The data is also collected and could be used as a predictor of migraine attacks and courses.

Customer Benefit

The platform is available on iOS and Google Play Store, which currently use among migraine patients in Thailand. The main customers will be migraine patient, the hospital, and the insurance company. This platform help migraine patient save time, cost, and improve quality of life.

Contact Person

Vasupa Suveeranont


Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University

Technology Category
  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics
  • Telehealth, Medical Software & Imaging
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

Migraine, Machine Learning, Mobile application, Tracking and Analyzer, Recommendation of Treatment