Nurse Call System (Version 2)

Abstract/Technology Overview

The increase of clients in nursing homes reflects the greying Singapore population. With this, service quality and therefore the well-being of clients residing in these homes can easily be compromised.


An effective nurse paging/call system deployed in hospitals and nursing homes to alert care providers of the immediate need for assistance among clients and patients, will enable senior clients to lead fulfilling institutional lives, relieving family members of constant worries for their seniors’ personal safety, when these seniors attempt to perform services for themselves. 


The Nurse Call System version 2 now comes with an upgraded wireless protocol that supports more triggers/pendants per base-station; an upgraded Data Analytics Backend for client behavioral and service quality analyses. This leads to staffing optimization thus improving QoS standards.


Coupled with this is a new system backend featuring system maintenance via the soft pairing of beds to pendants; centralized system monitoring and more; which makes operating this system easier than ever before. This system gives institutional homes greater capabilities to monitor their patients en-mass to ensure higher standards of safety; quicker response to service calls and the capacity to meet the increasing demands of quality nursing care in Singapore and beyond.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  1. Waterproofed trigger device with integrated panic button + 3 programmable  service buttons (pull cord trigger available)

  2. No engagement of 3rd party company for maintenance (Training available to staff so no maintenance fees)

  3. Able to display alerts in various screen sizes

  4. A nurse call system integrated with a Data Analytics backend, eg. collection of alert data

  5. Connectivity through LoRa (Call button device) and WIFI (extended services through institution network)

  6. Connected to a Data-Analytics Backend Engine.


Comparing Nurse Call System (V2) with other Systems  

  Conventional Nurse Call system               Nurse Call system (v2)

  Wired                                                             Wireless (easy installation)

  None                                                              Managed Wireless protocol (Duplex)

  Limited signal processing                              High-Speed MCU Processors

  Fixed call buttons and beds                           Flexible pairing of call buttons and beds (Reconfigurable)

  None                                                              Centralised System Monitoring

  None                                                              Maintenance Training/Contract


Potential Applications

  1. Nurse Call System (Version 2) can be applied to:

    1. Nursing / Institutional Homes / Hospitals

    - Durable trigger pendants can be mounted to the wall or on beds which can easily be reconfigured when room layouts are changed.

    2. Doctors’ Clinics

    - Several display panels sizes and touch-screen control dashboards are available

    3. Hotels/Restaurants

    - Additional base-stations can be used to extend the reach of trigger pendant signals

Customer Benefit

  1. Ease of installation/upgrade. (No wires)

  2. Intelligent monitoring.

  3. Analysis for continuous improvement of work processes.

  4. Easy maintenance/configuration and centralized system monitoring

Technology Owner

kyusik shim


Institute of Technical Education

Technology Category
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation
  • Healthcare ICT
  • Internet of Things & Wearable Technology
  • Wireless Technology
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7