Robo-Analyst: Your One-stop AI and Big Data Powered Financial Advisement Solution

Abstract/Technology Overview

Investors frequently need to scavenge for a myriad of related information online and filter out the non-essential ones. Even after that, they will need to manually analyse on the given information. These acts are extremely time-consuming, and sometimes impossible, given the huge amount of data available in this digital era.

In view of this, a new type of service/product is needed, not only to provide the relevant and connected information, but also to analyse and transform this meshed information, relate it to investors' needs, and provide the necessary investment advice for investors. Our product has proven its success, and is the number one Financial Advisement Platform in Korea, partnering and having multiple clients with banks, financial institutions and large corporations, including Samsung Electronics, Thomson Reuters and NICE Information Service, to name a few. It is also strongly backed by top Venture Capital firms in Korea such as Korea Investment Partners and Stonebridge.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The products by the company are capable of understanding many of the investors’ queries, analyzing the complex and unstructured financial big-data, and retrieving related information for the investors. This allows investors to make insightful investment decisions easily and swiftly, without having to go through many of the labor-intensive tasks such as performing event studies, detecting anomalies in security selection and risk management.

The company offers a Robo-Analyst and an Investment Research Platform that are coupled with the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies. Beneath the core technologies, it integrates with an intelligent search engine that mimics how a real-life financial investor would search for and curate investment knowledge, as well as a sophisticated computational engine powered by online and real-time streaming of financial big-data. The company also introduces a smart Question & Answering (Q&A) service, based on Bixby (Samsung’s Virtual Assistant). Investors can ask Bixby about finance or company information, and Bixby will response promptly by communicating with the company's backend core technologies. 

Potential Applications

Web Services - We provide web-based Financial Advisement solutions to investors. Investors can subscribe to our services, and login to our web-based Finance Advisement platform to access them.

Mobile Services - We also introduced our Financial Advisement solutions in the form of Financial Virtual Assistant, e.g., Bixby. It's an AI-powered Question and Answering (Q&A) intelligent virtual advisor where Investors can ask Bixby any kind of Financial question, and Bixby will communicate with the company's backend technologies for displaying the relevant result. 

Contact Person

Fuxiang Chen


DeepSearch, Inc

Technology Category
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation
  • Financial Technology
  • Natural Language Processing & Semantic Technology
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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