AR Assist

Abstract/Technology Overview

AR Assist provides field operators with real-time contextual information, remote expert guidance, step-by-step job instructions or wayfinding through complex environments.  AR Assist works with multiple wearable displays in the market. For example, Vuzix M300, ODG R7, Microsoft Hololens.

The applications are numerous in manufacturing, processing and logistics or warehouse industries.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

- Inject Knowledge into the world via our AVR platform
- Visual Instructions
- AR 3D Annotations
- AI processed IoT Data
- See What I see
- Live Audio and Video Streaming
- Available on smart glasses or mobile
- 3D environment tracking
- Persistent Data
- Online Collaboration
- Works on Wi-Fi
- Content Management System
- User type Customisation

Potential Applications

Remote Support

  • Converse with expert
  • Allow expert see what the operator sees in real-time
  • Allow an expert to send videos
  • Allow an expert to annotate/draw on top of video frame sent by the operator and send it back
  • Access manual/schematics/diagrams/maps
  • Assisted work (step-by-step)
  • Error code scanning



  • Access manual/schematics/diagrams/maps
  • Assisted work (step-by-step)


Warehouse logistics/inventory management

  • Pick and put based on the barcode scan
  • Real-time info from the server

Customer Benefit

AR Assist helps workers perform their jobs faster and more safely through Augmented Reality by providing the knowledge needed to perform complex tasks without years of experience or extra training. AR Assist enhances the communication between the worker and the subject matter experts. Utilizing a combination of step-by-step task management, knowledge markers that display relevant data, and wayfinding to the next task site, AR Assist improves worker efficiency, while also providing an unparalleled level of traceability and oversight. AR Assist also provides a hands-free way to communicate work problems back to the control room and receive expert assistance.

Technology Owner

Pearl Chong


EON Reality Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Computer-Simulated Environments
  • Internet of Things & Wearable Technology
  • Inventory Management
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 8

Augmented Reality, Remote Assistance, AR Assist, Smart Worker, Contextual Data Assistance