An Open Trust Platform for a New Financial Infrastructure and Marketplace Banking

Abstract/Technology Overview

The last decade has seen an unprecedented boom in Fintech. Yet, nothing feels fundamentally different. The world of modern finance is still fragmented into isolated systems for creating, saving, and exchanging value because today's disruptors rely on the same old-school banking infrastructure. Simply put, they are reinventing the user experience and the business models but not the underlying system.

Our platform, built from the ground up, serves as the backbone for a new financial ecosystem and marketplace banking. Going back to the basic components of trade and transactions - identity, assets, and payments - we are setting the stage for a new, simplified logic behind value exchange and delivery versus payments (DvP) of any asset that happens in real-time without intermediation. Delivered as a service, this approach allows for bundling of services and offers truly seamless & customer-centric products, services, and experiences. On top of the base services the platform provides, it also offers the opportunity for additional services to be developed through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our technology is a database solution that combines the benefits of a traditional NoSQL-database architecture with the security of an enterprise blockchain infrastructure and the autonomy of a fast smart-contract layer.

Having blockchain technology at the core of our platform allows us to organize trust in a different way, and embedding it at the protocol level so that we are able to rely less on institutional trust. On top of that our technology has an access and modules layer with clear governance, which is critical for financial applications.

Our platform also provides indexing and full query-ability with milliseconds latency and can scale both horizontally (through sharding-like technology) and vertically.

Some other advantages:

  • API-first
  • Developer-friendly financial services platform
  • Delivered as a service
  • Native digital identity and authentication modules
  • Significantly reduces the amount of business development, migration and maintenance work
  • Drastically save costs for staff
  • Reduces risk and responsibility

Potential Applications

Since financial services all fundamentally share the same simple principle of a transaction using the transaction trinity – identities, assets and payments – practically all services in the financial services industry can be built on this trust infrastructure (payments, banking, insurance, trading & brokerage, investing, asset & wealth management, crowdfunding), providing services to the ecosystem through APIs.

Customer Benefit

For businesses, new fintech companies or incumbants, our technology offers a way to develop and innovate at a rapid pace and create truly customer-centric products, services and experiences. Businesses can reuse components and services that others have spend a lot of time on building, and not having to reinvent the wheel again.

In other words, our technology enables the development of a financial ecosystem that serves as fintech-as-a-service. This approach makes it worthwhile for startups to develop financial products that serve niche markets, and develop new business models in the financial services industry.

Ultimately, the end-user is the ultimate beneficiary. The consumer will enjoy truly customer-centric experiences, where financial services are seamlessly integrated in everyday life.

Contact Person

Daniel den Boer



Technology Category
  • Blockchain
  • Financial Technology
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7

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