Turning Images Into Insights Using Applied A.I. Location Intelligence Solutions

Abstract/Technology Overview

Today, billions of images and textual content are uploaded online every single day. They are an information gold mine when it comes to spotting trends and other consumer insights. Nonetheless, current methodologies - such as survey and interview - are too slow and too expensive, causing brands to miss out on valuable market insights, and thus, opportunities.

Using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, our solution provides companies with actionable insights. Our SaaS-based platform gathers data from outlets’ websites, social media platforms, meal delivery platforms (e.g. Uber Eats, Deliveroo) and review platforms (e.g. TripAdvisor, Yelp) and, with our proprietary computer vision & NLP technology, analyzes them to get an extensive overview of the on-trade outlet universe. 

With the insights from our AI-powered solutions, brands can gain a crucial competitive advantage in their market, such as:

  • Real-time market insights allowing them to identify up to 40% additional sales opportunities;
  • Being able to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time while saving a substantial amount of time, which translates to a potential increase in revenue growth by up to 6%;
  • Granting sales representatives with a more thorough knowledge of the market and providing them with the ability to discover new prospects and entice them more effectively;
  • Helping companies to have a clear measure of their market share and the market share of their competitors.


Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

With our solutions, companies can:

Understand the outlet universe...

  • Find outlet information collected from different online sources: name, address, phone number, website;
  • Get enhanced data: cuisine, popularity, rating, price level, moments of consumption;
  • Find out if outlets are selling through specific meal delivery platforms or have their own delivery service;
  • Quickly identify if the outlet is part of a franchise or a Quick Service Restaurant.

...Discover where brands are being distributed...

Companies can understand the distribution of brands in specific geographical areas.

  • Find portfolio information: drinks sold, price, SKU;
  • Detect drinks: type, segment, brand and sub-brand;
  • Identify a single drink’s characteristics: volume, SKU, price, etc. Check the presence of specific drinks on the outlet’s menu.

...Plan the next move

Outlet Prediction Model: We collect and aggregate information from various sources and integrate it with existing client data to power our Outlet Prediction Model. The OPM can foresee what outlet is more likely to convert and start selling their product.

Volume Prediction Model: The Volume Prediction Model calculates the volume of beverage that an outlet could potentially purchase - and therefore, sell from our client’s company. Its calculations are based on the wealth of information our system collects from various sources and integrates with clients’ data.

Product Recommendation Model: Our Product Recommendation Model predicts which products will better perform in a specific outlet, by capturing the patterns that lie hidden in the data. 


Potential Applications

Potential applications (as per sector, area or industry) include:

  • Alcoholic on-trade beverages;
  • Non-alcoholic on-trade beverages;
  • General FMCG, food & beverages industry;
  • Customer Electronics;
  • Personal Care;
  • Cosmetics & Beauty.

Two use-case examples of potential applications:

(1) Beverage market insights

Challenge: Gaining insights into the size, growth, and persistence of market opportunities can be tough. Prioritize opportunities and decide how to pursue, in which markets and via which channels.

OUR SOLUTION: Based upon a large variety of sources and through the use of our computer vision and natural language processing algorithms market insights were established.

A time-series analysis enabled our client to:

  • Accurately predict which trend to pursue;
  • Pursue their clients with the right products;
  • Pursue their clients via the right channels.

(2) Coffee Industry Consumer Insights

Challenge: Understanding what are the trends and preferences influencing the customer’s choice in coffee in the Chinese market. Choosing a strategy to launch a ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee in an innovative way through alternative channels.


  • Identifying the main trends related to the three segments: Ready To Drink, Fresh and Instant Coffee market.
  • Identify moment consumption and major trends in coffee drinks and outlets.
  • Identify the competitors and influencers that are associated with various trends.


Customer Benefit

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-time market insights received by our clients;
  • User-friendly technical solutions, which are easy to understand;
  • Constant customer care.


Contact Person

Dennis Tan



Technology Category
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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