Layered Cake with Jam for Haemodialysis Patients

Abstract/Technology Overview

Haemodialysis is the process of purifying the blood of a kidney disease patient, and it is the most common method to treat advanced and permanent kidney failure. Maintaining the right chemical balance in the blood is crucial in keeping the patient’s blood pressure under control. 

This specially formulated layered cake with jam recipe is low in sodium, phosphorous and potassium, and contains sufficient protein content to meet the nutritional needs of patients with chronic kidney disease. Trials have also been conducted at a local Singapore hospital, and chronic kidney disease patients have found the recipe to be highly palatable.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The formulation is a special diet for chronic kidney disease patients. These patients' diet has to contain low sodium and phosphorus levels, low to moderate potassium levels, the right protein intake, and potential restrictions in fluids intake (depending on the severity of chronic kidney disease stage).

Chronic kidney disease patients who do not stick to the recommended diet risk developing the following conditions: increased blood pressure; heart attacks; shortness of breath; swelling in limbs; muscle cramps; muscle weakness; arrhythmia; itchy skin, weak bones, and joint pains.

Some of the existing formulated products in the market for kidney disease patients have a metallic aftertaste and most patients find it to be unpalatable.

Potential Applications

The layered cake with jam formulation is suitable as a snack to meet the kidney disease patients’ nutritional needs. Hospitals and caregivers can prepare this to give more variety to patients’ diet.

This formulation is suitable for use in (but not limited to) the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Households with kidney disease patients
  • Special functions with a requriement for certain dietary requirements

Customer Benefit

  • Suitable for haemodialysis patients
  • Better taste and texture than existing formulations
  • No metallic aftertaste
  • Received positive feedback from haemodialysis patients who have tasted the product

Technology Owner

Jonathan Ng


Singapore Polytechnic

Technology Category
  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition & Health Supplements
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6

food, formulation, chronic kidney disease, haemodialysis