SMART Alarming Insole System

Abstract/Technology Overview

The common orthopedics surgeries are hip and knee replacement. After surgery, the patient should reduce their plantar pressure by using a walker or walker stick at the beginning. High plantar pressure leads to the periprosthetic and peri-implant fracture. The treatment of these fractures is often challenging because patients are older and may have thinning bones. Using the SMART alarming insole system after surgery is capable to alarm the patients by alarming sound when high plantar pressure occurs. Orthopedics doctor sets the threshold of the pressure to limit pressure distribution. It is able to record plantar pressure distribution and alarming data for analyzing later. The SMART alarming insole system is not only useful in orthopedics application, but also in other medical application (prevent foot ulcer in diabetes), gait analysis, and sport science application.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The SMART alarming insole system consists of force sensors and monitoring tool combining with a micro SD card and a speaker. It is capable to measure plantar pressure distribution and to detect high plantar pressure in four areas of plantar, which are toes, ball, arch, and heel. It has the micro SD card to record the pressure and alarming data. The device alarms by sound on the speaker when plantar pressure reaches the threshold. The device is a wearable system and friendly with user, which do not disturb people in their daily life.  It has lower cost compared with other commercial products.

Potential Applications

SMART Alarming Insole System can be adapted to many applications:

·         Medical Applications (e.g. Injury Prevention, Monitoring, Diagnosing Disease, and Rehabilitation)

·         Gait Analysis (e.g. Balance, Center od Pressure(COP), and Ground Reaction Force (GRF))

·         Sport Science Applications (e.g. Jumping, Running, Hiking, and Sport Performance Analysis)

·         Foot Wear Design and Development (e.g. Sport Shoes, Orthopedics Shoes, and Diabetics Shoes)

Customer Benefit

SMART Alarming Insole System have paved the way to better life after surgery. It reduces the risk of second surgery from the periprosthetic and peri-implant fracture.

Technology Owner

Parichart Jarupakti



Technology Category
  • Memory and Storage
  • Sensors & Instrumentation
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 3

SMART Alarming Insole System, Hip and Knee Replacement, Periprosthetic Fracture, Peri-Implant Fracture