Beamify Peer-to-Peer Offline Mobile Communication

Abstract/Technology Overview

Beamify is a mobile application for peer-to-peer offline communication.  It solves several pain points of users such as slow and expensive data transfer between two nearby parties through cellular services (3G/4G/5G), unavailability of network services (e.g., disasters or overseas), and the need for secured near-field communication.  The users of this technology include regular mobile phone users who wish to transfer files rapidly to a nearby peer, overseas travelers, business owner, and emergency response team.  There are a lot of smartphone users who send large files over the Internet.  The transfer could be much faster using Beamify.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Technology features:

  • Beamify directly connects two or more nearby smartphones together using standard Wi-Fi direct technology without connecting to the internet via any network infrastructure. This creates secure and dedicated peer-to-peer networks of devices.
  • Once connected, the connected devices can use Beamify's multimedia communication applications built on top of the peer-to-peer network such as chat, video call, voice call and file transfer. The communication between two peers is direct, dedicated and extremely fast.


Potential Applications

Beamify can be applied to different areas and situations where internet access is not available, fast data transfer speed between nearby peers. Example of situations are as follows:

  • Communication in a disaster zone or areas that don’t have internet infrastructure.
  • Group/family travelers who travel to a different country where the internet service is expensive, limited, low performance, or not available for foreign tourists
  • Workplace or area that requires secured communication.
  • Workplace or area that requires fast transfer speed.

Customer Benefit

Customer benefits:

  • Ability to communicate in areas that do not have the Internet infrastructure at low or no cost.
  • Ability to communicate with nearby peers securely.

Technology Owner

Parichart Jarupakti



Technology Category
  • Social Media, Collaboration & Crowdsourcing
  • Wireless Technology
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7

Collaborative application, social networks, mobile application