Knowledge Management for Health Communities of Practice

Abstract/Technology Overview

More than 7,000 Thai medical and public health practitioners have applied their everyday working experience to develop new practical knowledge through research methodology. However, the knowledge has not been utilized extensively because they lack knowledge management tools that can be used for data analysis and knowledge mapping which cause a difficulty to explore and visualize the existing knowledge leading to relatively limited application and slow development of the best practice of medical and public health services across Thailand.

From these problems, the company developed a platform to (1) search, browse, compare, analyze, and recommend research (2) extract expertise of various researchers (3) compare research performance between health communities (4) analyze and propose research that gains popularity and potential for the future.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The platform developed by integrating the four main newly developed innovations namely Thai Cross Domain Knowledge Language Processing, Thai Online Analytical Processing, Thai Named-Entity Recognition, and Thai Visualization.

These innovations are used to analyze the data that come from medical research in multiple dimension. For example, users can find the term relationships such as a relationship between diseases and organs, or diseases and symptoms in the form of term relationship network. Also, the platform provides the dashboard to show insights of the data, which can help executives to make some decisions. For geographical dimension, the platform provides the information about the location of research and researchers. Therefore, researchers can search for collaboration easily.

Potential Applications

The platform itself is a knowledge management platform that can use in many domains such as medical research. However, the platform can be customized for other domains such as business domain. For example, online retail can use the platform to analyze the qualitative and quantitative data of products and find relationships among products, or between products, customers and sellers. Moreover, the platform can show insights of data in term of the location of customers, sellers, and products. In conclusion, the platform is a solution to sophisticated data analytics.   

Technology Owner

Parichart Jarupakti



Technology Category
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation
  • Healthcare ICT
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7

Knowledge Management, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Mapping, Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics, Data Visualization