Knee Cartilage Degeneration Detection Device

Abstract/Technology Overview

This device is used to detect the early stage of knee cartilage degeneration. People do not feel the knee pain when the cartilage is already damaged at the onset due to the lack of nerve supply to the cartilage tissues. We usually only recognize cartilage damage when we feel pain and that is usually too late. Early detection of the cartilage damage can help us take care of our knees effectively and may reduce the chance of knee replacement surgery in the future. The principle of this device is the application of vibration monitoring technology to monitor the integrity of the knee cartilage. The device will analyse the vibration signal before determining if the cartilage is damaged. Primary investigation has shown that the results obtained from the device is comparable to that of MRI scan. The vibration monitoring system used in the prototype is similar to those found in the industry.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The use of vibration monitoring technology for detection of knee cartilage integrity is an innovative diagnostic method in healthcare system. This device provides an affordable screening platform for knee cartilage degeneration even before experiencing the symptoms of joint pain. Currently, there is no screening method for knee joint degeneration. People usually realise that their knee cartilage is damaged only when they experience pain and only at stages of degneration where treatment options only include either medication or surgery. This technology could be a paradigm shift of the knee joint care from treatment to prevention with different available or future knee preventive procedures or care products. Preventive care is usually more effective when done at the earlier stages than later stages of cartilage degeneration and this device encourages that.

Potential Applications

Primarily this device can be used in the screening of knee cartilage degeneration at the early stages. This can also benefit general fitness customers to allow the right exercisees to be prescribed whilst considering the knee joint integrity. Exercise with high impact load on the knees should be avoided in those with moderate or higher grade of cartilage damage. Sometimes, special shoes or dietary supplement could also be prescribed. Currently, joint supplements can only be sold to those with late stage cartilage degeneration which might be less effective than in the earlier stages.

Technology Owner

Parichart Jarupakti



Technology Category
  • Medical Devices
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 5

Knee vibration signal, Knee vibroarthrographic signal, Cartilage degeneration