eNightLog - Nighttime Monitoring System for Caring Elderly with Dementia

Abstract/Technology Overview

The problem of dementia is becoming more and more prominent as global ageing populations are growing fast. In nursing homes, elderly people with dementia are often restrained in bed or administered with sleeping pills. A system was developed to help caregivers of elderly homes to monitor and care for dementia patients. The purpose of setting up this system is to prevent patients from wandering, where patients may get lost or be involved in accidents. 


Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This monitoring system, equipped with different kinds of sensing technologies, including remote vital sign sensors and non-invasive imaging devices, can continually monitor the patient’s sleep and night-time activities. The system is able to accurately track the sequence of night events including when the patient wakes up, leave the bed and in the event of falls. In case of unusual incidents, the system will send a message to alert the caregiver at once. This can reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of the caregiver.

The advantages of this technology are, it is a non-restraint approach with remote sensing and imaging technologies to help in the detection of vital signs, sleep quality, falls and behavioural problems such as leaving of the bed. And the system involves only a single setup with no re-configuration needed after each alarm.

Potential Applications

The primary application area is care home for the elderly. The technology can

  • Monitor sleep quality and vital signs during sleeping;
  • Prevent the patient from falling from the bed by alerting the caregiver when the patient is awake;
  • Based on the information captured in real time, provides the corresponding colour and intensity of light can be adjusted and for the release of aroma to ease the behavioural problems of elderly people.

Technology Owner

Macy Huen


International Strategic Technology Alliance (ISTA)

Technology Category
  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare ICT
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9