AI Forecast for Food Service Industry to Reduce Food Wastage

Abstract/Technology Overview

We use Big Data and AI to improve restaurant procurement and food cost. To achieve this, we develop a food service ecosystem to consolidate orders to achieve bulk purchase advantage directly from suppliers and also allowing for smart automatic reordering through AI.

We started from Malaysia and now has expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia. Our customer range from single outlet restaurant to restaurant chains, cloud kitchen, hotels, central kitchen, F&B factory, F&B Suppliers, and Farmers.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

We use disruptive technology to help F&B operators optimize and monitor food costs, wastage, production and inventory operations from outlet until the central kitchen. Our solution cover end-to-end by providing integration with various popular POS and Accounting system and offer real-time P&L report to F&B operators. 

We come with various procurement methods to help different sizes of F&B operators which include AI Auto Re-order, e-commerce, and recurring templates. We utilize the powerful AI engine to study past sales and usage data, integrate with weather and holiday event to forecast sales and raw ingredients required to fulfill the sales. This will prevent the outlet from the order and caused high food wastage. 

Potential Applications

We started with the mission to make every F&B business be sustainable and to run effortlessly. We are dedicated to making the F&B trading transparent and by vertically integrating the entire value chain from the farm until restaurant through AI technology and our cold chain logistics hub. We aim to make the supply chain for F&B an effortless backend job to help F&B grow exponentially while keeping the food wastage low and benefit back to the consumer.

Customer Benefit

Our supply chain hub utilizes the bulk purchase and logistics consolidate advantage to help bring food cost down and our successful case study proved that the solution will improve 31% cash flow and reduce 27.5% of food cost. Our AI forecast module has proven 80% accuracy with 30% workforce reduction

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Anthony See


Food Market Hub

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  • Foods
  • Ingredients
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

Food Service, food wastage, restaurant, supply chain, inventory