SmartTerra - The World’s First Autonomous Terrarium

Abstract/Technology Overview

Nowadays, people live in a fast-moving, busy lifestyle, Stressful, pollution, small space of living, no plants, no garden & no time for taking care own stuff. Terrarium has become more attractive to people in the past 3-4 years. It brings the accent of nature to your home and gives you a sense of beauty, calm, and relaxation.  However, a traditional terrarium requires some maintenance and it is static. People usually end up with his/her terrarium dried up and eventually end up with dead plants.

SmartTerra is the world’s first autonomous terrarium. Through the use of technology, it provides a dynamic growing environment for your plants. It has been designed to simulate a virtual ecosystem. It adds dynamic simulations of nature as well as a carefree environment for your home and office. Users can grow indoor plants maintenance-free, using IoT technology and plant-support system with auto-sensors and control by a Mobile App. "Terrarium Revolutionized"  SmartTerra can replicate numerous dynamic elements of nature like rain, lightning effect, sound, etc. Simply add water and some nutrient to the tank and sit back and enjoy a little forest at home. Creating a perfect balance for today’s fast-moving urban lifestyle


Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Core Technology & Unique Value

  • A Maintenance-free Ecosystem using a micro-controller actively monitors sensors and regulates various components for keeping the optimum condition within the habitat.
  • Built-in ventilating fan allowing plants to absorb contaminants.
  • Water Re-circulation System: Excessive water is recycled back to the reservoir for reuse. 
  • High-intensity LEDs act as a substitute for sunlight and help illuminate the nighttime with various mood lighting modes.
  • The built-in clock keeps track of daylight and various autonomous activities.
  • SmartTerra Mobile App has all features, like setting rainstorms and sunsets! and checking in on your mini forest when away.
  • Bluetooth Communication: communicates directly with the mobile app via Bluetooth and the ability to stream music.
  • Comes Equipped with Speakers: SmartTerra is the only terrarium to have built-in speakers. 

Features & Comparative Advantages

  • Beautiful Design & Elegant: Sleek and beautiful unit that can fit any decors within your home or office.
  • Clean Air Using Plants as the Natural Filter: Air is circulated through the unit via a built-in ventilating fan allowing plants to absorb contaminants.
  • Water Re-circulation System is preventing plants from drowning or root rots.
  • Night-Time Mood Lighting: RGB LEDs help illuminate the nighttime with various mood lighting modes.
  • Realistic Rain & Lightning Simulation:  Perfectly synchronized sequences of light, sound, and rain with random thunder and lightning effects. Rain is triggered either automatically when watering is needed or manually via mobile application.
  • Relax and enhance concentration with the selectable atmospheric soothing sounds or play the music of your choice via Bluetooth. 

Potential Applications

Our research shows that more than 2.5 million people show interested in a terrarium on Facebook, and the total search from Google for Terrarium is around 380,000 times/month. (only in the USA) (Google search, Feb 2017) SmartTerra has been successfully crowdfunded from Kickstarter & Indiegogo raised more than $100,000.  The result from crowdfunding shows that most people who support SmartTerra are living in the urban area, most of them like to grow plants in their house. So our primary application areas are; plant / terrarium / reptile lovers, lives in a seasonal climate & lives in tight spaces. 

SmartTerra can be able to build large-scale or custom interior design for some areas such as healthcare, zoo, etc. It also can be applied to do smart farm or farm factory.

Customer Benefit

  • The sleek and beautiful tank perfectly fits any decors within your home or office.
  • Mobile Application which controls settings and all aspects of the terrarium via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi 
  • Build-in time to keep track of daylight
  • Musical chimes which hint at the coming holidays (Christmas, New year, etc.)
  • Automatic plant care; fully automated plant care using micro-controller with Light &  sensors (moisture, humidity, temperature) Just simply add water and nutrient.
  • Built-in Fan to provide the air circulation and control the moisture within the tank. 
  • High-intensity LEDs provide ample light for your plants to thrive and grow.
  • Rain simulations with realistic lightning effects.
  • Clean air using plants as the natural filter
  • Relax and enhance concentration with the selectable atmospheric soothing sounds such as: Rain, Beach, Wetland, Jungle, etc.
  • Soft Accent lights at night.

Contact Person

Chattrapat Jirathanyapat


Intellectual Design Group Co., Ltd.

Technology Category
  • Display
  • Automation, Control, Communication
  • Green Building
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

terrarium, green technology, natural simulation

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