Haulio - Together, We Cargo Faster

Abstract/Technology Overview

Haulio has developed an online platform to improve the container haulage process, which is the movement of containers inland from the port. With a tagline “Together we cargo faster”, Haulio has set up a community portal, to optimise resources within the haulage sector through industry-wide collaboration.

Haulio’s platform works by intelligently matching customers’ hauling requirements with resources available from haulage companies (“hauliers”) and their prime movers. By using advanced algorithms and IoT technology, Haulio coordinates job specifications based on location, prime movers’ capacity and availability. Hauliers can leverage this technology to share workload and resources, as well as gain access to jobs previously unavailable to them. Haulio works closely with PSA, to ensure containers move through the port faster and smoother. Through its platform, Haulio aims to increase efficiency, productivity and cost savings. This result in benefits for all stakeholders, including hauliers, drivers, forwarders, cargo owners and port operators.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The Haulio platform is designed to let Hauliers better plan pickups, plan better jobs and prevent deadhauls by providing the platform users to pool jobs and find jobs as per their requirements. In times of need, Hauliers are easily able to put up jobs for other Hauliers to pick up. Similarly, Hauliers can find jobs that fit their day's schedule easily on the platform.

To date, Haulio currently has over 300 companies using the platform, about a third of which are hauliers and the rest a mix of forwarders and shippers. 

Potential Applications

The primary goal behind Haulio is to provide Hauliers in Singapore with a digitized way to handle container dynamics that are stressing their existing business model. The issue is a lack of technology used by Hauliers coupled with increasing vessels sizes calling the port.

Bigger ships create more extreme peaks and troughs in container volumes. But the larger ships also hamstring small hauliers because an operator might have multiple customers on the same sailing and not have the capacity to move multiple containers within the window the port mandates

Technology Owner

Alvin Ea


Haulio Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Enterprise & Productivity
  • Social Media, Collaboration & Crowdsourcing
  • Transportation
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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