Connected RFID SmartCabinet for Secured Storage & Management of Valuable Inventories

Abstract/Technology Overview


LuxonData's latest SmartCabinet Model-LD 200 is designed to offer secured storage and management of valuable inventories using RFID technology and working on a closed loop inventory management platform that links to any Warehouse and Inventory Management System. LD-200 can be configured to operate on a standalone or as part of an extended network of multiple storage points, that is further enhanced by our highly customizable management dashboards (specially designed for managing high value and consigned inventories in remote locations). 

Technology Overview 

LD-200 is designed with user experiences from the healthcare industry. It is specially developed for use by the stakeholders including distributors, manufacturers, hospitals, clinical laboratories, research institutions, and warehouse operators, for the management of high-value consignment inventories throughout the whole supply chain. With LD-200, the consignment of high-value inventories at any point on the supply chain can be remotely tracked and traced accurately, the use of RFID technology further increases the productivity of warehouse and healthcare workers. This helped to greatly reduce the common challenges of unaccounted inventories resulting in financial lost, inaccurate and slow information flow resulting in billing delays, eradicates the stock-out of critical inventories and overstocking of slow turning inventories.  

Key features are as following :

a. security control

b. centralized inventory management of real-time item-level tracking

c. localized inventory reports in the field

d. highly configurable across multiple locations

e. interface with most WMS for auto-replenishment and billing

f. management dashboards 

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

LD-200 comprises:

  1. intelligent and industrial design
  2. flexible communication interface
  3. easy-to-use touchscreen
  4. secure accessibility using  ID pass or finger recognition
  5. web-based browser for remote inventory monitoring and reporting
  6. the cabinet is available with UHF applications
  7. software algorithm and integration with Major ERP systems

Potential Applications

It can be used to monitor high-value products in a variety of markets including pharmaceutical, logistics and medical devices.  It contains the features of automated inventory scanning, secure access control, communication options, and alarm function.  It should be widely used in labs, hospitals, pharmacies, stock rooms and anywhere requires inventory management, trace and track.

Customer Benefit

LD-200  is equipped with RFID scanning system that reduces workload, increases charge capture, optimizes inventory by automating inventory control process.  It is reliable and secure inventory management and control.

-        superior reading performance

-        improve product regulatory surveillance

-        notification of “out of stock” or “low inventory”

-        auto-notification of an item’s date of expiration or calibration

-        reduces inventory shrinkage and obsolescence

-        real-time tracking and database updating

Technology Owner

Charlotte Lee


Luxon Data Ltd

Technology Category
  • Radio Frequency
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Devices
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation
  • Healthcare ICT
  • Life Sciences
  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

inventory management, healthcare, logistics, consignment management, medical devices, RFID Cabinet