PCB RFID Label Tracking Solution

Abstract/Technology Overview


UHF RFID PCB tracking solution --  includes a UHF RFID Label (with a small antenna and an RFID chip) and a booster antenna on the edge of the PCB.

Technology Overview

Previous RFID solutions for PCB tracking in the EMS industry are too expensive and involve the consideration of the original PCB design to employ RFID tagging. In addition, since the RFID component is added by SMT process, the tracking can only start after the first SMT step and does not capture the whole value of tracking, i.e. tracking during the pre-SMT step.

The UHF RFID Label of our new UHF RFID PCB tracking solution is applied on a PCB as a conventional PI label without design adaptations. The cost is lower, and it can help to capture full WIP and post-process value since the UHF RFID Label is applied on the PCB prior to the SMT process.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

UHF RFID Label (with a small antenna and an RFID chip) which can withstand the high temp. in a PCB oven (up to 260C for 5 minutes).  A booster antenna on the edge of the PCB. 

The implementation of industry 4.0 is counted on trace, track and control.  To catch quality data is critical elements as one of the foundations and the base of intelligent manufacturing.

Potential Applications

It can be marketed based on this technology in PCB for car electronics, medical devices, computing servers, manufacturing equipment and home appliances etc.  can all be utilizing this UHF RFID PCB tracking solution.

Customer Benefit

The identification and communication via this UHF RFID PCB tracking solution overcome the challenges in traditional barcode scanning process, and also the problem of other RFID PCB tracking solutions that can only start the tracking after SMT process. Equipped with the full tracking capability, products could be tracked from assembly and testing in factories, shipping and handling in distribution warehouses, to the repair and maintenance in after-sales services.

The UHF RFID PCB tracking solution enhances the traceability of products and the efficiency of processes throughout the complete cycle of the supply chain, customer service and site support.

Technology Owner

Charlotte Lee


Luxon Data Ltd

Technology Category
  • Electronics
  • Memory and Storage
  • Radio Frequency
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation
  • Networks & Communications
  • Manufacturing
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6

Industry 4.0, RFID Label, RFID Tag, Intelligent Manufacturing, Traceability