RENITY ARGUS Predictive Maintenance Smart Diagnostic System Solution

Abstract/Technology Overview

Argus is a hundred-eyed giant in Greek mythology, who will keep one eye open even when sleeping, and has the characteristics of monitoring and loyalty. In the same way, the solution has the same capabilities of always monitoring and reliable as the giant. Hence, it was named RENITY ARGUS. This product is an intelligent inspection and maintenance system that can condition monitor, automatically diagnose and manage maintenance information on your equipment. Our technology combines vibration analysis and data science computation which can achieve the purpose of predictive maintenance and automatic inspection.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

RENITY-ARGUS provides professional predictive maintenance technology, using problem-oriented big data analysis, full protection grade IP66, expert-level analysis module, which can avoid unexpected machine failures, and reduce downtime losses and the cost of human resources, find the cause of the malfunction and spend the least cost to achieve the fastest obstacle removal.

Main function

  • Full-time monitoring, diagnosis and prediction capability
  • Early detection of equipment problems and stable production quality
  • Digital inspection and new voiceprint comparison system
  • Equipment maintenance record
  • Unattended capability
  • Low professional requirements for system operators

Potential Applications



Petrochemistry & Plastics 

Reciprocating compressor, Rotary screw compressor, Freezer and Granulator

Steel & Paper 

A rough rolling mill, Finishing rolling mill, Rapid mill, Roll marks of rolling mill, drilling tool and grinding of rolling mill

Manufacturing & Tooling     

Cutting tool, Saw blade and drilling

Ship & Boat 

Reciprocating compressor, Spiral compressor, Main gearbox, Diesel engine, Generator and Transmission shaft

Customer Benefit

RENITY-ARGUS smart monitoring is a solution which combines predictive maintenance and automatic inspection. It uses the cloud service model of IaaS + PaaS + SaaS architecture with full-time monitoring, diagnosis, prediction, early warning capabilities, digital inspection and expert-level analysis module. Combining of the above features, this system can avoid unexpected machine failure, reduce downtime losses, human resources and achieve the fastest obstacle removal.


  • Risk reason diagnosis
  • Simple system interface, easy to understand
  • Quick installation, short construction period
  • Only need a mobile phone to view the system
  • No personnel duties, the system diagnosis the root of the problem
  • Reduce the cost of human resources, increase the time of solving problem
  • The system architecture is small which can match the original system architecture, most of the staff can use it. Instead of buying a complete set of tools, only a few experts can use them

Contact Person

Tsung-Yu Wu



Technology Category
  • Electronics
  • Sensors & Instrumentation
  • Performance Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Wireless Technology
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

pdm, maintenance, cbm, smartdiagnostic, predictivemaintenance, pdmsystem, vibrationsensor, vibrationdiagnostic, pdmsolution, smartmanufacturing, automaticinspection, industry4.0, iiot

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