Black Périgord Truffle Cultivation via Vertical Farming Technology

Abstract/Technology Overview

Black Périgord Truffle's Mating & Fruiting matrix are notoriously elusive to replicate in the lab. There has been no successful alternative truffle cultivation method other than the current tedious and resource consuming commercial farms, plant saplings are inoculated with truffle meiospores and planted over hectares of land. This take at least 7 years and the final result is not guaranteed.

The company has pioneered a revolutionary indoor Truffle Vertical Farm (TVF) process that cultivates Truffle mycelium; replicates the mycorrhizal network in the soil, thus encourages Truffle meiospores to successfully Mate & develop into Truffle Fruiting bodies. This new process allows the cultivation of Truffles in a controlled & monitored environment: increase Truffle crop yield, consistent quality, year round availability, globally scalable, modular and sustainable.

The technology is currently at stage TRL 4 and is in process of cultivating 20kg crop of Black Truffles. Refining our technology, quaity of crop as well as incorportaing remote climate, nutrients feeding & sensor monitoring.

The company is looking to refine the TVF system into a commercial modular with automated monitoring, climate control and growing system. Targeted outpout for the commercial system is set at 1,000 kg per moduile per year.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The company has successfully replicated the entire Truffle Mating & Fruiting process and cultivated an initial batch of 32 Truffles (total 652g). The cultivated Truffle has an average size of 60mm diameter and average weight of 20g.

TVF (Truffle Vertical Farm) TECHNOLOGY 

In brief. the TVF Technology consists of 3 parts. 

A. Inoculation Unit - Mating of Truffle meiospores til the Formation of Truffle fruiting body (2 weeks)

B: Incubation Unit - Nurturing of Truffle fruiting body in special growth gel (8 weeks)

C: GROW Unit - Transfer Truffle fruiting body to specially design Grow capsule and allow Truffle to mature & develop flavours (10 weeks)

Each part is Modular and Scalable. 

TVF Key Benefits / Advantages 

1.     Accountable & Accelerates truffle’s meiospores mating and the mycorrhizal fruiting process. Reduce the entire Truffle mating to fruiting period to  7 months per crop cycle.

2.     Small Farmland foot print; 120sqm Grow space produces an average of 100kg annually. Save massive amount of resources.

3.     Increase Truffle crop yield to meet global demand. Stable pricing.

4.     TVF is a controlled indoor environment modular technology (crops are not susceptible to erratic weather / temperature fluctuation, bacterial & pests infestation, pollution and wastage).  Modular system allows our system to be deployed in any global location.

5.     TVF farm is Scalable, Mobile & Sustainable; farmers can add additional TVF units as needed to increase output.

6.     Extraction of Truffle for downstream products (example: Cold-press Truffle Oil) & Truffle active ingredients research.


Potential Applications

The Black Truffles industry is estimated to be worth £4.5 billion (US$5.9 billion) annually for the next 10 years. (Michelle Starr,  7/11/17. science alert) TVF (Truffle Vertical Farm) technology has a good potential in this industry as it is able to produce Truffles of high quality and scale the cultivation accordingly. Moreover TVF can be used for cultivation of other Truffle species, for example the most expensive White Alba Truffle, etc.

Customer Benefit

Fresh Black Truffles are only available during the winter seasons. Harvested fresh Truffle’s does not store easily, quality deteriorates very quickly after 7-10 days. Freezing Truffles reduces their quality. With TVF, Fresh Truffle will be available all year round. as well as reduction in delivery time as Truffles can be cultivated in any global location.  Truffles has other active ingredients which are have potential new benefits and uses. However, due to the very high cost, there has been limited research carried out. TVF can increase Truffle outputs to aid in such reseach and development.   

Technology Owner

Ser Yong Quek


Grower Agritech LLP

Technology Category
  • Automation, Control, Communication
  • IAQ Monitoring & Control
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Industrial Biotech Methods & Processes
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 4

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