The Future Of ECG Remote Monitoring Is Here Today

Abstract/Technology Overview

The company has developed a unique solution called MCT (Mobile Cardiac Telemetry). Replacing the traditional cumbersome holter with an unobtrusive cutting edge wearable patch, instead of waiting for weeks for ECG analysis results, cardiac events can be monitored and responded to in real-time and full analytics provided immediately at the end of the patient monitoring period.

Our cutting edge wearable biosensor patch (FDA/CE approved) is self-adhesive sticking to the chest and provides medically approved measurements of several physiological vital signs such as Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Temperature, Steps, Posture and Fall detection in real-time, but for the MCT solution it focuses on providing near flawless and wireless ECG signal continuously for 5 days. This signal is delivered in real-time to our servers where are AI analytics and highly trained analysts review the data,

To assist our highly trained analysts, we have integrated highly sensitive (FDA approved) ECG analysis software which alerts our analysts to a significant pre-established change in rate, rhythm, ectopic or pause. They will then immediately alert the physician who prescribed the test if necessary. On completion of the MCT study, the prescribing physician is provided with full detailed ECG analysis report. 


Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The small, discrete patch eliminates the need for chest straps, wrist bands, wires and recorders to be worn by the patient. It is easy to use and comfortable at home or on the go.

No other device and solution can match our patch for real-time continuous ECG monitoring and accurate reporting. Similar devices are much bulkier and offer only retrospective ECG analysis after the device is mailed back to provider and the data is downloaded. This typically can take up to 30 days. With MCT there is no waiting, no sending the device back for data to be downloaded – just instant results and clinical analytical reporting.

Our technology allows real-time continuous patient remote monitoring right across the patient pathway. Be it by the GP, Hospital Clinician, or Nurse. The ability to analyse real-time live medical biometrics remotely provides the capability to intervene and respond to quickly to changes in patient vital signs indeed before the patient notices.

We are revolutionising the future of healthcare. Providing wearable (medically approved) technology and integrated healthcare applications we are changing the way health is measured and tracked and transforming the landscape of medical treatment.  Our innovative solutions also improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs. Ultimately, our solutions help people to stay healthy, monitor chronic conditions more effectively, reduce time in hospitals, disease early awareness and pro-active prevention of illness and thus reducing time and use of health services



Potential Applications

Our wearable patch technology provides real-time continuous ECG cardiac monitoring and reporting, however it also provides full remote monitoring away from hospital of key vital signs- Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, ECG, Temperature, Steps, Posture and Fall Detection.

We believe our technology has the biggest impact in the healthcare of patients who have cardiac issues/long term conditions/chronic diseases (LTC). However it offers endless possibilities across a broad patient spectrum (ie early hospital discharge, home healthcare, clincal studies, primary care).

Ultimately, it is about keeping people healthier by - Knowing More, Knowing Sooner, Responding Faster














Customer Benefit

In the largest randomized trial in the World involving 6191 patients from the UK results found –

  • 45% reduction in mortality rates
  • 20% reduction in emergency admissions
  • 15% reduction in A&E visits
  • 14% reduction in elective admissions
  • 14% reduction in bed days
  • 8% reduction in tariff costs

Findings - 

  • 88% reduction in predictable clinical codes.
  • Vital signs changes seen 4 - 6 hours before cardiac arrest.
  • Early detection of deterioration of condition in 12% of patients
  • Changes to vital signs were present prior to 75% of in-hospital cardiac arrest deaths



Technology Owner

Simon Beniston


Medibiosense Ltd

Technology Category
  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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