PP IoT Edge 感知网关 | Connecting Everything on The Digital Age

Abstract/Technology Overview

Extremely high performance, small and scalable, the PP IoT Edge platform enables companies to synchronize, configure, interconnect, manage state and deploy of IoT systems with existing control/management systems on a single hardware. PP Edge is the only IoT hardware platform that delivers this capability. Not just an interface, nor a gateway, nor a piece of SDK, is the whole platform from the edge to the cloud.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Seamless Interconnectivity/Interoperability 连接 on the edge - PP Edge connects with the wired and wireless on a single connectivity point.

Fast Computing 快算 on the edge - PP Edge computes, compresses, convoluted data into useful information.

Strong Security 安全 on the edge - PP Edge watermarks communications within the cyber-physical systems. 

Smartness 知道 on the edge - PP Edge synchronizes, manages, decides the state of control/management systems.

Please refer to attached picture for PP Edge architecture design.

Potential Applications

IoT itself will encompass many possible use cases, spanning many verticals. PP IoT Edge's use cases range from those relying on large numbers of sensors transmitting relatively small amounts of data periodically (massive machine-type communications), such as smart city deployments, to use cases that require almost real-time response to high volumes of transmitted data in order to function (mission-critical communications), such as self-driving vehicles.

Target verticals: Smart Cities, Transportations, Logistics and Supply Chain, and, Biomedical.

Business offerings include: -

  1. Data Service at the edge
  2. Gateway Solution at the edge
  3. Node Product at the edge

Customer Benefit

Seamless connect, Fast processing, Safe, Smart on the edge between IoT and the control and management of existing systems of system - 连接, 快算安全, 知道的感知网关.

Technology Owner

Yen Kheng Tan


Printed Power Pte. Ltd.

Technology Category
  • IAQ Monitoring & Control
  • Internet of Things & Wearable Technology
  • Smart Cities
  • Delivery & Distribution
  • Assembly / Automation / Robotics
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6

IoT gateway, Edge processing, Trusted systems, 感知网关, Application-drive analytics