Natural Ingredient Which Could Slow Down Digestion of Carbohydrate in Food

Abstract/Technology Overview

Our invention will contribute to reducing the number of diet related diseases especially diabetes and obesity. This product could reduce the rate of glucose release upon consumption of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate is the main energy source in most of our staple food across the world. Many of these carbohydrates in our staples are rapid digestible starch which will result in quick rise in glucose level in the blood, and glucose level drops quickly as well. This not only burdens the insulin system, but also cause the person to feel hungry again quickly and will end up eating more. Increasing fibre content in starchy food will lower digestibility, but this often resulted in a change in texture and taste of the food which consumer dislike. 

Our researchers discovered a natural plant extract which acts as a starch digestive enzyme blocker when added to the starch rich food matrix. It is enhanced to be heat stable during the cooking process. It retains its enzyme blocking capabilities and also retains main bulk of the natural antioxidant properties of the extract. The result of adding this product to starchy food matrix is the reduction of starch digestibility depending on the amount of extract added. This means that carbohydrates could be transformed from quick digestible carbohydrate to the healthier slow digestible carbohydrate, without changing the taste and texture of the food. 


Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This ingredient is a natural plant extract which could be added to starchy food matrix which will slow down the digestion of carbohydrates in the food. This will thus slow down the rate of glucose release into blood. This natural ingredient is enhanced to be stable in cooking and will not change the taste and texture of food. 

Potential Applications

Production of tasty and soft white bread which has glucose release profile and health benefits of wholemeal bread. Tasty white rice with rapid digestible starch could be transfomed to slow digestible starch with slow glucose release. Food matrix with fast digestible carbohydrates could be transformed to one with slow digestible carbohydrates. 

Customer Benefit

Many of the staple food we eat contain rapid digestible starch, this will result in rapid rise in blood sugar level which will burden our insulin system. Rapid digestible starch is transformed into slow digestible starch without changing the taste and texture of food by adding our natural food ingredient. Thus consumer could maintain good blood sugar profile and satiety even after eating food with high carbohydrates. 

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Barnabas Chan


Bountifood Pte. Ltd.

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