Surface Modification of Plant Protein

Abstract/Technology Overview

Demand for protein from plant sources is rising rapidly in pursue of healthier, cleaner and more sustainable protein sources than the traditional animal based protein.  However when plant based protein is used in beverages, like protein shakes or drinks, they are often poorly dispersible as compared to animal based whey protein. Plant based protein also produces a gritty texture and causes discomfort to the throat.

Our technology modify the surface texture of plant based protein to a product which is highly dispersible in water, increases suspension power and reduces more than 90% of grittiness of the protein when used in beverages. This results in a smooth texture protein beverage which increased consumer acceptance.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our technology can modify the surface of plant based protein to reduce the grittiness when they are used in making beverages like protein shakes. Our technolgy will also increase the suspension power and water dispersibility of plant based protein. We could thus help to manufacture a better plant based protein beverage than others in the market.

Potential Applications

Our technology could be used to increase plant based protein's suspension power, water dispersion power and reduce grittiness. The technology could be used to manufacture better texture plant based protein powder to be used in beverages, plant based protein ice-cream and other desserts. This technology could be used in the manufacturing process for all kinds of plant based protein.

Customer Benefit

Customers who desire to get their source of protein from plants instead of animal based protein in the form of beverage, can benefit from our technology which reduce the grittiness texture of plant based proteins. They will get a product with better texture and more soothing to drink than other plant protein beverages.

Technology Owner

Barnabas Chan


Bountifood Pte. Ltd.

Technology Category
  • Foods
  • Ingredients
  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition & Health Supplements
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 8