High-Quality Insect-based Nutrition for Sustainable Aqua, Pet and Livestock Feed

Abstract/Technology Overview

The company develops intensive insect farming systems for sustainable protein production. They produce high-quality, protein-rich and safe animal nutrition, pet food and organic fertilizer by using a novel, scalable Black Soldier Fly-based bioconversion system to recapture nutrients from organic side-streams. Its innovative circular economy approach focuses on driving necessary change in the global food supply chain.

Demand for animal feed, particularly aquafeed is increasing globally. However, main ingredients of animal feeds such as fishmeal and soymeal compete with direct human consumption, cause errosion, overfishing and habitat destruction, are subject to strong supply and price fluctuations and cannot continue to scale with rising demand.

The developed insect farming system allows local and decentralised production of high-quality protein and oil feed ingredients derived from the Black Soldier Fly (BSF, Hermetia Illucens). The feed materials can be used directly for feeding (live or dried) and as an ingredient for compound feed formulation (whole meal, protein concentrate and oils). It can be used to create new, fishmeal-free and sustainable feed formulations and to enhance existing feed mixes for a more well-rounded nutritional profile.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The company can produce and process our Black Soldier Fly insect larvae in a variety of formats to suit customer requirements. The core products are:

BSF Whole Meal and Protein Concentrate: The core products are protein feed ingredients made from black soldier fly larvae that have been specially dried and finely powderized to preserve nutritional value and improve protein digestibility. The Protein Concentrate has been mechanically defatted to increase protein content to 60%+.

BSF Oil: A natural, easily metabolizable, energy-rich and immune boosting animal oil rich in Lauric Acid and Palmitic Acid produced and refined without chemical use. Applicable as a feed coating, as an attractant and to increase pallatability. It is also suitable as a health-boosting ingredient in formulated diets for young animals. The product can also be provided in saturated and unsaturated oil fractions. 

BSF Fresh Larvae: Fresh BSF Larvae are steam-sterilized and vacuum-packed. They preserve all raw goodness and benefits of the larvae and can be supplied whole or as a paste for inclusion in formulated wet pet food formulations.

BSF Whole Dried Larvae: Whole dried larvae are excellent feeds, supplements and treats for ornamental fish like Arowana, Koi, etc., ornamental birds, exotic pets as well as dogs. The company is able to supply oven dried and microwave dried whole larvae.

BSF Fertilizer: The developed BSF bioconversion produces a pure, all-natural, bio-active organic fertilizer rich in macro and micronutrients. It helps to balanace and restore soil fertility and naturally helps reducing pests for organic vegetable production, fruits and ornamental plants.

Potential Applications

The BSF Feeds and Feed ingredients are suitable for aquafeed (marine and freshwater fish, shrimp, prawn, etc), pet food (ornamental fish, oranmental birds, exotics and zoo animals, dog food, cat food, etc.) and livestock feed (broiler and layer chicken, pigs and particularly piglets, as well as as supplements for a variety of specialty farmed animals). 

The product can be produced in a variety of formats to suit customer requirements and supply of formulated compound feed including our products can be discussed. Physical properties are similar to fishmeal for extrusion and pelletizing purposes; The ingredients can be used standalone or mixed and for wet and dry as well as free-flowing, pelletized and extruded products.

The company is seeking for partners in the animal feed sector that share our sustainability vision to collaborate on producing and marketing customized feed mixes for existing and new customer segments and novel feed and non-feed applications. This can include collaboration or supply of raw materials for downstream product development derived from our insect-based core materials.

Customer Benefit

The protein product provides a sustainable, high-quality alternative protein ingredient to fishmeal and soymeal. The oil product provides an alternative oil ingredient to palm oil and other feed oils, such as fish oil and other plant based oils.

Insects are a natural component of the diet of most carnivorous and omnivorous animals and therefore provide a natural, highly-digestible addition to the standard feed ingredient portfolio. The company can offer marketing and branding advice to help capture the sustainability value of using our insect feed in final consumer food products.

The products also provide a number of health and performance benefits specific to the selected consumer animal, life stage and application context. 

Technology Owner

Leo Wein


Protenga Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Ingredients
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Bio Materials
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 8

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