Artificial Intelligence to Power Chat and Voice Bots to Drive Business Efficiency

Abstract/Technology Overview

Current customer service channels are expensive, inefficient and frustrating for customers which is why we created this platform which powers chatbots and voice assistants to help businesses save money, make money, and deliver exceptional customer service. By applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conversational data captured via messaging platforms, SMS, email, social and voice, we can automate answers, perform tasks, identify sales opportunities and profile customers to drive efficiencies across businesses.

Implementing chatbots and AI brings immediate, tangible and measurable results and can be used across retail, publishing, utility, public, sport and voluntary sectors -  our platforms are changing the shape of customer service and engagement.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The automation technology offers:

  • InteliTag - Seamlessly pass more complex issues or chats to the most appropriate team member(s), with a synopsis of the conversation so far.
  • Swarm - Profile customers based on their chatbot interactions, and send different messages to different 'swarms' at scale, anytime, for free.
  • Upsell - Easily automate and push live promotional campaigns to relevant chats at relevant times with our 'Propensity to Purchase' analytics
  • Look & Learn - Every message is analysed and used to train the AI, meaning customer service just keeps getting better and better.
  • Mood - Using our in-chat analytics engine, our technology tracks the sentiment and personality traits of a customer to deliver emotionally appropriate responses and actions.
  • BotBuild - Our internal drag and drop interface for rapid deployment of Messenger chatbots means we’re live in days, not months.

We are in the process of becoming ISO 27001 compliant.

This technology is advantageous over other existing technologies because of it’s automated agent handoff for seamless resolution of issues that the bots have not been designed to handle. We also have channel agnostic implementation allowing one bot to be used over any service whether that be Facebook messenger, email, phone, Alexa skills etc.

Advanced free text handling that allows users to phrase questions in ways that have not been indexed into bot knowledge bases but still receive the appropriate response.

Leveraging serverless and Kubernetes technologies for massive scalability to meet any demand.

Potential Applications

  • The primary application area for our technology is customer service which can be applied to a huge array of sectors including retail, publishing, utility, public, sport and voluntary sectors.
  • This technology can also be used in fan engagement and marketing campaigns.
  • The global chatbot market was valued in 2015 at US$113m and expected to grow to US$995m by 2024.

Customer Benefit

  • We created a consultation chatbot for Welsh Water and over a 12 week summer consultation, Welsh Water reached over 4,500 typically unengaged users, secured 3000 survey completions and processed 240,000 messages.
  • We created a bot for an automotive company and in the first 6 weeks live, ‘Tala’ received almost 25,000 messages from over 550 users. Interestingly, our technology has gone on to replace this automotive company's agent-manned webchat system, saving the business money and improving its customer service.
  • Our technology deals with repetitive queries and due to its machine learning capabilities, it actually gets more intelligent the more it is used, allowing for human agents to deal with more complex queries.

Technology Owner

Paul Shepherd


We Build Bots

Technology Category
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise & Productivity
  • Natural Language Processing & Semantic Technology
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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