Non-Alcoholic Wine

Abstract/Technology Overview

We have recreated the taste of great wines in a natural drink 0.0% alcohol, without fermentation and healthy.

Our drink is the result of 4 years of unremitting work. Surrounded by the best partners such as INRA, the CTCPA and our friend Dominique Laporte we managed to:

  • Develop a unique natural formula
  • Healthy option: Low level of sugar and calories
  • A process that reveals the best of grapes and nature, without alcohol, fermentation, preservatives, sulphites, or de-alcoholation stages. To retain only the essential.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our target is to provide a pairing option for all the food lovers with an healthy alternative to wines. 

- Our beverages are 100% natural and are based on organic grape juices.

- Le petit beret has up to 7 times less sugar than a regular grape juice.

- Le petit beret has up to 5 times less calories than regular wines.

- It doesn't contain sulfites or preservatives.

- It is Halal certified.

Potential Applications

Your potential customers: 
- People looking for pairing their food with an healthy and tasty beverage, 
- Organic consumer, 
- People with health issues (e.g diabetes) 
- Pregnant Lady / Breastfeeding, 
- People who want to drink and drive safely, 
- People who can't drink alcohol for religious beliefs, (Halal Certified) 
- Sharing a moment around the pleasure of the grapes.

Customer Benefit

Your Interest: 
- You will sell a organic beverage with premium profitability  
- We are the only one in the world to produce a: 0.00% Alcohol Wine with low sugar and calories level (from France). 
- our beverage is the ultimate alternative of pairing food with non alcoholic drinks and will definitely be identified as premium by the customers. 
- You sell Halal Product and have a huge community of muslims as customers => our product is halal (Certified by the grand mosque of Paris), 

In France our Wine has won several AWARDS (such as the FRENCH AGRO-ALIMENTARY INNOVATION OF THE YEAR 2016). 

Technology Owner

SILVA Gregory


Le petit Beret SAS

Technology Category
  • Foods
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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