Microfluidic Chip Comprising of Silicone Nanoparticles

Abstract/Technology Overview

This technology presents a microfluidic chip, containing silicon nanoparticles, which allows contamination factor analysis to the environment. The microfluidic chip introduces silicone nanoparticles, in the form of pillar structures, on the surface of the microchannel, which improves the 3-dimensional surface structure, increasing the surface area in contact with the target material and allows colour changes to be perceived by the naked eye.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology has the following features:

  • Increased sensitivity of the colorimetric sensor through the introduction of multiple silicon nanoparticle pillars on the surface of microchannels inside the microfluidic chip
  • Silicon nanoparticles forms a 3-dimensional structure, providing an irregular surface
  • Silicon nanoparticle pillars are between 10 - 100microns in height, and 10 - 100microns in diameter
  • Improved interaction between target substance increases the surface area

Potential Applications

This technology is suitable for (but not limited to) the following products/application:

  • Portable environmental chip and application
  • Establishing ‘Environment Map (E-MAP)’
  • Mobile application and create advertising earnings

The extension of its application in various fields, by applying a new probe to environmental chip to analysis medical and groceries, is currently under consideration.

Customer Benefit

This technology offers the following advantages:

  • Improved sensitivity over conventional colorimetric sensor
  • Improved reaction area with target material
  • Accurate detection of colour change by the naked eye

Under the license agreement, this technology could be licensed to with products incorporating features that result in improving the low sensitivity of a conventional colorimetric sensor.

Technology Owner

Su Wan Cho


DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Technology Category
  • Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Nano Materials
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6

microfluidic, chip, silicon, nanoparticles, colorimetry, colorimeter