Solution to improve safety factor of streetlight system

Abstract/Technology Overview

Streetlight system is important for people living in the city. It provides light during night time for safe movement of people and vehicle. In Vietnam, electric shock from the streetlight system is an on-going safety concern. And the main reason of accident is the method of connecting the handhole to the streetlight pole.

This product supply a full method and solution to improve the safety of the streetlight system by changing the connection method and device at the hand hole.

The innovation is a new device designed to protect against water seepage, weather and dust to help protect the connector, keeping it in better condition and isolated from the environment. In combination with a new ELCB switch, it uses low current (6A) to ON/OFF the light and protect the expensive LED lighting fixture from any other damage from leakage, overload, over-voltage, short circuit and surge.

It is very useful for infrastructure urban management can control the quality, safety, lifetime of the streetlight system. It also helps to reduce labour cost, maintenance fee, running fee and electrical fee. It also helps to reduce the waste and carbon emissions

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This product comprises of:

  • A waterproof connector terminal allowing up to 120A with a cover sealed with rubber silicone.
  • A weather-proof ELCB box with a rubber seal

All the above item is cover by seal or grape for weather-proofing. It is suitable for IP 68 grade and follows IEC standard 60529 for dust-proofing and waterproofing.

It can use for all kind of electrical networks such as 1 phase 2 wire, 1 phase 3 wire, 3 phase 3 wire, 3 phase 4 wire at 220/110Vac or 380/220Vac and as low as 6A overload protection.

This technology is suitable for a streetlight pole with a minimum diameter of 96mm. 

Potential Applications

The streetlight system is suitable as security lighting, outdoor electrical network, hotel, resort especially for the high humidity area or applicant, seashore, island, civil project or any project need more safety, save labor cost, save maintenance cost, easy to installation and skill worker or well training worker is not required to use this product.

Customer Benefit

Benefits include:

  • Improve the electricity safety: combine all separate part to the complex product and isolating it from the external environment by using a special silicone seal 
  • all product can meet water protection rate is IP68
  • simplified installation work with a special terminal connector that simplifies installation and reduces installation man-hour.
  • Reduced complexity minimise human error during installation work, which can be a hazard to pedestrian
  • It is not only use for street lighting system; it also can use for any outdoor electrical purpose such as landscape lighting, safety lighting for any place with the humidity is too high or some project required for most safety.
  • This system includes a special ELCB to control and protect from electricity leakage, overload, short circuit and lightning. Protect expensive LED lamp to reduce the maintenance fee.
  • Increase operational lifetime of the lighting system by isolating electrical parts from the exterior environment so weather cannot corrode the system, thus extending the lifetime for the system.
  • Saving electricity: all the connection point was protected by IP68 and the contact area is big so the contact resistant is small and durable. It helps reduces energy loss through heat, saving electricity in the process.
  • This product is suitable for urban management department, infrastructure urban management department, construction company, civil project.

Technology Owner

Lan Nguyen Tu


National Agency of Science and Technology Information

Technology Category
  • Lightings
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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