Apparatus for Suppressing Pest Emergence and Spawning

Abstract/Technology Overview

This technology is about apparatus suppressing the spawn and growth of pests. Especially, it prevents the growth and spawn of mosquitoes larvae and pupal. The technology minimizes the surface of the fluid in the catchment by floating the object. All kinds of fluid gather in the catchment basin and allow larvae and pupal of pests to breath which helps the growth of pests at a mature level. By floating the apparatus, it covers the surface of the fluid and does not allow the rotation of air, where pest breathes to grow themselves. Eventually, the larvae and pupal of pest lose their way to survive and dies.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

• The conventional technology could not solve the fundamental problem of the pest spawning. It could not suppress the spawn and was temporarily left behind.

• The existing technology required additional equipment to create the electrical and chemical reaction. This caused the increase in production cost and frequent mechanical failure as the hours of use grow.

• The apparatus can be composed in various size and is self-assembly apparatus

Potential Applications

• It can the to products/application below:

  • Catchment basin where all sort of fluid gathers and creates a good condition for pest such as mosquito to spawn.
  • The size of the apparatus can be adjusted according to the area of an applicant can be built inner and outer part of a building.

Customer Benefit

Under the license agreement, this technology could be licensed to with products incorporating features that result in minimizing and suppressing pest emergence and spawning

Technology Owner

Su Wan Cho


DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Technology Category
  • Filter Membrane/Absorption Material
  • Sanitisation
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6