Smart Exit And Emergency Lighting

Abstract/Technology Overview

Current exit and emergency lights in the market are intended to provide safe passage out of a building in the event of power failure.

These devices rely on the built-in backup battery in the lights to power the lights in times of power outage; however, there currently is no available solution for an easy way to check the batteries to ensure that the backup battery is functional and as such the building owner runs a risk of failure of the lights to function during emergency times.

Our solution solves this challenge by turning these lights into wireless devices that can be controlled remotely.   As such, we are able to check the battery and light status whenever we want, and ensure that the lights are always functional and in the event of a light or battery failure, we can send a technician to fix the light and/or battery.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our smart exit and emergency lighting solutions comes equipped with wireless connectivity and comprehensive wireless mesh network that allows seamless communication between the various lights and easy connection to our wireless gateway (BLE, WiFi, cellular) and cloud storage system.

The lights can be accessed via a smartphone enabled mobile app or a secure browser login with multilevel access accounts for various users.

Potential Applications

All commercial buildings such as office towers, shopping malls, hotels, public transport stations, etc., can use our smart exit and emergency lighting systems to provide a safer environment for their guests.

Our lighting solution could be applied to lights of any shape and/or color; therefore, the customer is free to choose their desired light shapes and sizes for us to customize and convert them to smart exit and emergency lighting solutions.


Customer Benefit

Customers of our smart emergency and exit lighting solution can enjoy greater security and comfort of knowing that their lights are always functional and when they are not functional, a notification is sent to the appropriate party to fix the affected light.

This can potentially also reduce the cost of building insurance as building owners and/or facility management companies can ensure the "always known" status of the exit and emergency lights.

Technology Owner

Paymon Rasekhy



Technology Category
  • Lightings
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9