Smart Wine Aerator

Abstract/Technology Overview

The technology based on the combination of a device and an app with Artificial Intelligence database.

The device works with an app which determines, with a simple scan of the label, the appropriate level of aeration for the selected bottle. The app identifies the wine through its Artificial Intelligence enriched database, then pairs with the device to calibrate it to that wine's ideal level of aeration. The device instills the proper amount of air for your wine as you pour, precisely and instantly. 

The rich database calculates ideal aeration times for different wines and the patented technology – the device can put up to 24 hours of oxygen into the wine in an instant.  

If the wine label scanned is not currently in the database, the algorithms will propose the best aeration time.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology of our aeration is precise and instills the right amount of air for the selected wine instantaneously. Any type of wine can be used with and benefits from the device: it is portable, simple and fun to use.

The feature-rich app is easy to use, interactive and educational. The app also supports the device and give some information about the wine.

Potential Applications

The technology platform gives the possibility to aerate wine instantly and enjoy it at its best.

Adaptation of our technology to other beverages

With the enriched database and the community, monthly follow-up about wine trends
 and on-demand data about specific wines are available.

Development and deployment of an interconnected platform to different devices in Wine industry.

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Technology Category
  • Foods
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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