Cargobase Is The Online Platform To Simplify Freight

Abstract/Technology Overview

Cargobase provides a powerful solution for managing your ad-hoc or spot-buy shipments.

Since 2013, a team of logistics and software experts has been working to develop a platform that bridges the tech gap between shippers and providers. 

The result is a powerful platform that gives all-sized enterprises and logistics service providers peace of mind, control and transparency. 

Experience a radically better way to manage the life-cycle of your spot-buy freight, whether it is Rail, Air, Ocean, Road or Parcel.

Practically, the Cargobase platform allows enterprises to regain control over their shipment spending, whereabouts and invoicing.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Cargobase is a SaaS platform running on all browsers accompanied by iOS and Android apps. 

The platform integrates easily with the customers existing organisation, whether it be their ERP systems, payment providers even their directory services.

  • Quoting - Cargobase connects your private pool of providers into a powerful quoting system, giving you the best price for the right service level.
  • Tracking - By integrating with over 400 shipment providers, the platform allows a singular view of the whereabouts of all your shipments, increasing visibility and drastically reducing e-mail noise.
  • Billing - No longer rely on paper documents, nested email threads or ‘who approved this shipment for that rate-finger pointing' and regain control over all invoices.
  • Analytics - By capturing the entire shipment life-cycle in Cargobase, it is now made easy to extract and analyse extensive company and supplier performance data. 

Potential Applications

Cargobase is used as the single source of truth for anything shipment related.

From inception to billing to analytics.

All readily available as a powerful supply chain solution for Enterprise customers, and as a curated marketplace for SMEs.

Customer Benefit

  • Drastically reduced cost: Compare quotes and pick the right one to reduce out-of-pocket spending.
  • Be specific: The platform helps identify the right freight mode and service level for you
  • Optimise: Cargobase provides a proven best practice for managing the shipment lifecycle to increase flow and reduce process waste.

Technology Owner

Alex van Kampen


Cargobase Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Planning & Order Processing
  • Value-Added Services
Technology Status
  • Licensed but Available
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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