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Every commercial logistic company must deal with inventories and with inventories, companies must execute a time consuming and non-value adding process known as Physical Inventory. It is a necessary process where the warehouse is suspended for a few days to ensure their inventory counts on hand is exact. With an exact count, warehouse management has more precision in handling their goods and planning for future transactions of the inventories. Our solution reduces this tedious and manpower inte...

Exhibitor : Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore

Our system tracks and traces materials and products using the blockchain database to store information gathered from all the users that take part in the food production chain. This is the final output of a six year-long R&D activitycarried outby us with the aim of creating a re-engineered blockchain-based fully integrated platform and ecosystem, enabling tracing, tracking and anti-counterfeiting capabilities into legacy business suites. The solutionensures leading-edge data management and da...

Exhibitor : Foodchain Spa

With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solution in their logistics operations. This technology is an integrated trip based security portal that combines the use of GPS, satellite, RFID and NB IoT to improve efficiency and security. Users of this solution will be able to track their cargo electronically alongside additional features necessary to their operations, for instance, the tracking of light, t...

Exhibitor : Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd

Our Tool is an integrated management service for global market which is helping to reach sales target by expanding global channels efficiently. At the moment, our value customers are distributors who are having have lots of products (SKUs) from various brands in Korea. They have valued potentials to accommodate the mass transactions and expand their channels. Existing vendors source the appropriate products for each channel when they expand their distribution channels. The selected skus include...

Exhibitor : National IT Industry Promotion Agency

NextanSmart Tracker and Sensor Network adopt low power IoT technology. Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) solution has the advantages of low power, and long range. It is ideal for the implementation of battery powered, low-cost sensor network. NextanSmart tracker integrates LoRaWAN, BLE and GPS technologies. It is one the few products in the world provide both indoor and outdoor tracking using both BLE and GPS technologies. With our intelligent power managementtechnology, the tracker is able ...

Exhibitor : Nextan Pte Ltd

Our company develops smart state of the art 3D vision systems. The deep scientific research was transformed into a unique patented technology of an advanced 3D vision camera and other products, providing robots with "eyes". Our team of talented visionaries and engineers has developed a high-quality 3D scanner with high resolution and speed with which our customers achieve unbeatable performance in terms of noise and overall efficiency. The 3D data and their fast processing have been us...

Exhibitor : Photoneo s.r.o.

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