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Haulio has developed an online platform to improve the container haulage process, which is the movement of containers inland from the port. With a tagline “Together we cargo faster”, Haulio has set up a community portal, to optimise resources within the haulage sector through industry-wide collaboration. Haulio’s platform works by intelligently matching customers’ hauling requirements with resources available from haulage companies (“hauliers”) and their prime movers. By using advanced algorith...

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The last mile leg of the supply chain accounts for up to 30% of supply chain costs. With various demanding requirements such as customers’ limited availability and site dependent vehicle requirements, increasing volume of orders with limited resources has made improving customer satisfaction levels a challenge. Last Mile Logistics Management presents a web application for planners and a mobile application for drivers. The web application for planners allows for the automation of a large volume ...


blu is an integrated retail logistics solution provider that leverages smart technology throughout the value chain. We provide retailers with a full suite of retail logistics services, from warehousing and inventory management to order fulfilment to last-mile delivery. For last-mile delivery, blu offers a fuss-free way for consumers to retrieve parcels via our islandwide network of automated parcel terminals, known as bluPort. We have more than 85 bluPort terminals in Singapore, and they are lo...

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The presented bridge structure for road bridges includes a beam composed of two types of concrete parts laid alternatively with pre-stressing rods placed in a cable in their centre allowing for continuous changes of the pre-stressing force according to the external load intensity. This beam can be used in a wide range of applications with different crosswise arrangements for roads with pavements, with reflective strips, and for motorway bridges. A certain reinforcement of the beam frame section ...

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This invention relates to a monitoring device and a monitoring system. More particularly to a smart device and system for monitoring physical properties of an object in real time during transportation and storage in a supply chain. Preferably, it detects temperature, humidity and motion of the object or of an environment in which the object is arranged. It is designed with user experience from healthcare industry. Nowadays in industries such as logistic, pharmaceutical and food industries, exis...

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A vision system is an essential component of an autonomous vehicle. Real-time and accurate perception module to detect vehicle/pedestrian and its distance from the camera could assist self-driving cars to drive and predict for the safety movement. Great advance techniques have been made for high accuracy detection with deep networks, but small object detection is still challenging. Majority of existing techniques utilize complicated network or bigger image size, which generally leads to higher c...

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