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Solteq Retail Robot brings machine vision and deep learning to the store environment. We help retail companies to make their day-to-day ordering routines more efficient. The Retail Robot moves autonomously inside a store and gathers data. It scans the products and the price tags from the shelves and extracts useful information. Incorrect tags and empty shelves will be detected. With all the data customers can build a 3D map of each store with exact product locations. Solteq as a company Our m...

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Cargobase provides a powerful solution for managing your ad-hoc or spot-buy shipments. Since 2013, a team of logistics and software experts has been working to develop a platform that bridges the tech gap between shippers and providers.  The result is a powerful platform that gives all-sized enterprises and logistics service providers peace of mind, control and transparency.  Experience a radically better way to manage the life-cycle of your spot-buy freight, whether it is Rail, Air, Ocean, R...

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The global vehicle fleet runs on over 5 Billion tires. Their maintenance is critical to safety and fuel efficiency. Yet drivers rely on manual inspection for tread depth and tire condition and a simple gauge for pressure. Automation is absent or limited to Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The technology is a step change in the inspection of tires. Vehicles drive through an array of unique instruments and tire pressure, tread depth and sidewall data are calculated and displayed in seconds...

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blu is an integrated retail logistics solution provider that leverages smart technology throughout the value chain. We provide retailers with a full suite of retail logistics services, from warehousing and inventory management to order fulfilment to last-mile delivery. For last-mile delivery, blu offers a fuss-free way for consumers to retrieve parcels via our islandwide network of automated parcel terminals, known as bluPort. We have more than 85 bluPort terminals in Singapore, and they are lo...

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This invention relates to a monitoring device and a monitoring system. More particularly to a smart device and system for monitoring physical properties of an object in real time during transportation and storage in a supply chain. Preferably, it detects temperature, humidity and motion of the object or of an environment in which the object is arranged. It is designed with user experience from healthcare industry. Nowadays in industries such as logistic, pharmaceutical and food industries, exis...

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Traditional logistics management systems are designed to track vehicles and gather data for management reports, failing to connect drivers in the field to customers or real-time services that will coordinate deliveries, routes or journeys in safer or more efficient ways. The result is delays outside customer sites, vast amounts of paperwork for drivers to fill in, and needless waste, risk and emissions during the end to end passenger services or deliveries.  The team has developed a new online ...

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Submitting improper trade documentation to banks is one of the principal reasons why many exporters experience significant delays in receiving payments for their exports. This, in turn, leads to exporters facing additional and unnecessary costs/risks that can impact their profit margins. The lack of experience and human errors are the major contributing factors to poorly prepared trade documents. Envisioning a solution to this problem, we developed an automated document-preparation system that h...

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