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Most treatment processes in environmental applications involves administering a high dose of actives at a given time only to have to repeat that dose days or weeks later. This is not economical and sometimes result in damaging side effects such as inconsistent treatment, environmental pollution and resistance development of the target organisms. These controlled release delivery systems are highly flexible. They can be designed to release actives with specified parameters, such as dosage, dosag...

Exhibitor : Hydroemission Corporation Pte Ltd

To increase the workability of concrete, aqueous solutions of superplasticizers are added to cementitious mixtures. The strength of concrete is inversely proportional to water content that is used in the mixing process. Superplasticizers are used to lower the water to cement ratio, while keeping necessary fluidity, to make high performance concrete. Although conventional superplasticizers (e.g. melamine and naphthalene based polycondensates) reduced the amount of water needed for workable mixtur...

Exhibitor : Sabanci University

The current ruling procedure is that only rim seal fires have to be taken out. In the case of a large full surface tank fire, the ruling tactic in most cases is to use whatever resources there are to contain the crisis and let the tank burn out. However in this way, the business disruption and environmental exposure is unacceptably huge. If other tanks are nearby, there is little chance of isolating a single tank if supplies are limited, and the whole terminal could be endangered. This technolo...

Exhibitor : LC Innoconsult

This current technology is a synthesis of dye carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) from agricultural wastes (e.g rice straw, bagasse and corn cob) by cooperation of encapsulation and spray drying techniques. It can be applied to be used as food and non-food additives such as stabilizers, thickeners and plasticizers. Dye CMC is more useful as it contains colour pigments and bio-active compounds from various sources of natural plants. The bio-active compounds can act as antimicrobial and antioxidant subs...

Exhibitor : Chiang Mai University

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