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Tarnishing is a long-established challenge. Oxidation and corrosion cause discolouration of many metal surfaces, which decrease the shelf-life of products. The development of a new coating technology called "Pulsed Chemical Vapour Deposition (PCVD)" enables formation of uniform oxide thin films on articles such as watches, jewellery and coins of any shape and orientation. It provides an ultrathin and totally conformal anti-oxidation coating, which is also fully transparent. As compared to other ...

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This technology offers a cost-efficient method to synthesize high-quality quantum dots capable of luminescence at the desired wavelength, making them especially suitable for medical purposes. Quantum dots synthesized through this method has dramatically improved quantum yield. Furthermore, they have high transfection efficiency and low toxicity, which are essential for medical applications.

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Green building technologies are of great importance to provide large modern cities with the capability of environmental protection and sustainable development. It is highly desirable to develop a long-lasting, self-cleaning technology for outdoor paints and coatings to keep building surfaces clean. The team has developed a novel TiO2 additive with enforced self-cleaning efficiency covering a wider range of the solar light spectrum, including visible light range. Self-cleaning additive, especial...

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Under current technologies, solar panels are very durable and can last some 25 years. However, maintenance is required throughout the panel's lifetime to alleviate soiling on the panels so as to maintain its specified output. This maintenance can become costly especially if the panels are deployed in remote regions or if soiling is particularly heavy. Applying a self-cleaning coating onto the solar panel will significantly reduce these costs and increase the return on investments from deploying...

Booth 5M01A - Republic Polytechnic

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