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Controlled Release Technology is a technique for encapsulating active ingredients and, upon meeting certain environmental stimuli, releasing them into the environment. Additionally, this is done at pre-designed intervals and time periods and without the use of machinery or equipment. The entire process relies entirely on principles of materials science. While this technology is widespread in the pharmaceutical arena, Hydroemission has adapted it to meet unique requirements in the environmental ...

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The company represents engineering and biological innovative technologies which allow efficiently growing agricultural plants by organic methods, recover soil fertility, sustain biodiversity and still achieve high yields enough to feed growing population. The company collaborates with farmers, seeds and food manufacturers, providing seeds preparing and crop processing technology along with proprietary treatment of seeds and fields. Together we are producing high quality food for people and anima...

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A natural nitrogen fixing seed coating technology was developed to provide a sustainable solution to adddress fertiliser overuse and nitrogen pollution. The technology, which is based on a food-grade bacteria, is environmentally friendly applies to rice and all major crops. It provides a cost benefit to the grower through reduced fertiliser costs and improved yields. The proprietary technology provides every plant cell with the ability to fix up to 50% of the plant’s nitrogen needs from the air...

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Protein-free natural rubber is expected to be prepared as a source to manufacture medical hygiene products such as surgical gloves, catheters, nursing products and contraceptive devices necessary for medical and nursing fields. The products manufactured from natural rubber of Hevea brasiliensis remain useful throughout medical operations in comparison with synthetic rubber. One of the reasons is that it opposes breakage by deformation forces from various directions. It also has a potential t...

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The technology provider has developed a range of urban farming technologies that are suitable for urban organic farming of mushrooms and vegetable. This farming technoogy is sustainable and cost effective. It includes the valorisation of the waste products to fertilisers to minimize the outgoing waste volume. The technologies include the following: Farming of organic mushrooms: Sawdust is mixed with organic nutrient and packed into a bag, then sterilized, cooled and transplanted. After transpl...

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The company aims to add value to agriculture, making it greaner, and reducing the extent of waste and byproducts resulting from our food production. It strives to do so without impinging on the food supply itself. The developed processes take waste and byproducts from agriculture and agriculture processing and upgrade them to value added products. The products that can be produce span from organic fertilizers for crops to food additives made from natural extracts to animal feed. The company is s...

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