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Controlled Release Technology is a technique for encapsulating active ingredients and, upon meeting certain environmental stimuli, releasing them into the environment. Additionally, this is done at pre-designed intervals and time periods and without the use of machinery or equipment. The entire process relies entirely on principles of materials science. While this technology is widespread in the pharmaceutical arena, Hydroemission has adapted it to meet unique requirements in the environmental ...

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Visible‐light photoredox catalysis has gained prominence orchestrating challenging chemical transformations under mild reaction conditions. Iridium and ruthenium complexes belong to a prominent group of organometallic photoredox catalysts (PCs) that were employed in light controllable radical polymerization, decarboxylative arylation or acylation, and fluoroalkylation of organic compounds. The rapid establishment of these metal complexes as practical PCs leveraged their well‐studied photophysica...

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