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Synthetic pesticides used in conventional agriculture and especially greenhouses have significant impact on public health and environmental safety due to their vast amount of uncontrolled and indiscriminate use. They accumulate on food products, causing acute or long-term chronic symptoms in consumers. Therefore, the excessive use of pesticides has been a critical public health issue in the past decades.  These problems show that there is a need to find new ways that can help to reduce the use ...

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During normal operation of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, batteries tend to overheat which would result in a decrease in performance and lifetime or lead to safety issues. The technology described herein is related to a proprietary heat management system which consists of a material that can be poured into any battery pack and conduct heat 7X faster than the existing solution. This will improve the battery performance and eventually ensure better battery life in the long run.

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The invention provides a cost-effective injection mouldable plastic heat sink that displays excellent thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and electrical resistance in order for it to be applicable for a wide range of uses particularly as a heat sink in the growing electronics and other manufacturing industries. The heat sink is made of a common cheap polymer that is used in manufacturing industries for a variety of products and hence there is no particular requirement for new equipment or ...

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The technology described herein is related to the development of a concentrated solar power apparatus enabled by fresnel lens tunnel. The technology is able to convert solar energy captured by the fresnel lens tunnel into thermal energy to be stored in the form of heat using a thermal storage material. The heat stored in the thermal storage material can be used for a wide range of applications by coupling with a heat exchanger. The technology provider is seeking for partners to commercialise thi...

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