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This technology is about an evaluation platform based on a 3D cell culture system. This system is applied in a way of in-vitro; however, it is more similar to in-vivo with high accuracy in drug sensitivity and experimentation compared with the 2D cell culture system. This system has been developed with the aim of replacing animal testing for developing treatments for metabolic syndrome, including obesity and diabetes. Three kinds of experimental equipment have been developed with this technolog...

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The nitrite ion (NO2-) is widely recognized as surface & groundwater contaminants originating from agricultural activities, improper wastewater discharge, and atmospheric precipitation. In addition, nitrite exposure is detrimental to general public health. This technology relates to a detection assay that allows faster and more convenient naked eye nitrite detection (within 1 min and without the use of any instruments). In comparison, the conventional Griess method requires heating and 30 mins i...

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