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Various methods and carriers are routinely used for the separation of biopolymer molecules, such as mono- and multi-phosphorylated peptides or recombinant peptides/proteins with a polyhistidine tag (His-tag). However, these methods and carriers have limiting characteristics, for example, insufficient purity of separated proteins, limited surface area of microspheres accessible for binding, gradual release of the carrier ions during separation, poor mechanical stability, and toxicity of the relea...

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Iridoviruses cause systemic diseases in fishes. They are a significant cause of mortality in more than 32 species of cultured marine and freshwater fishes and a few species of ornamental fishes such as the Gourami species, Dwarf gourami, angel fish, guppies, platys and doctor fish.  There is an immediate need for on-site iridoviral disease diagnostics that could potentially help in farm biosecurity risk management. The technology owner has developed an optical immunoassay (OIA) based iridovirus...

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As an increase of people’s awareness of health, traditional Chinese medicine, is becoming more popular to be adopted by many Asians. Among many of the Chinese medicines,  Tiepi Shihu (i.e. one of the types of Dendrobium) and Cordyceps sinensis are two of the most expensive products. Dendrobium is one of the largest genera in the plant family Orchidaceae.  More than 1,100 species of Dendrobium have been identified.  Among them, Tiepi Shihu is traditionally recognised as the best Shihu for tonic ...

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