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The Technology offers the first dispersive infrared spectroscopic (DIRS) measurement of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) using a new scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI) sensor. The sensor measures the optical spectra in the mid infrared (3900 nm to 5220 nm) wavelength range with full width half maximum (FWHM) spectral resolution of 78.8 nm and sampling resolution of 20 nm. The CO2 concentration is determined from the measured optical absorption spectra by fitting it to the CO2 reference spec...

Exhibitor : City University of Hong Kong

Knowing the quality, specifically fat content, of milk is crucial in developing countries. The quality of milk, is a key factor in determining pricing and deterring false claims of high quality. Current methods of measuring milk fat content require large, expensive spectroscopic equipment that cannot be readily accessed in rural areas. With the technologythat usesa fluorescent sensor to quantify the amount of fat in milk precisely in a matter of seconds (“Milk Yellow”), aportable an...

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

The innovative sensor platform is a user friendly system for cost-effective analysis of contaminants in various matrices for both lab and field applications. The sensor platform provides rapid on the spot analysis for a range of contaminants, is extremely simple to use and suitable for lab and field use by non-specialist personnel. Test results are available in 2 minutes, and a total test cycle (including regeneration and buffer) takes only 6 minutes. Whether it is the detection of pesticides in...

Exhibitor : Optiqua Technologies

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